Wednesday, November 09, 2016

So, Local #NeverTrump er's, what's up?

Man, we heard it all in the run up to this election from the #NeverTrump morons.

How many times did we read, first of all, that Trump would never become the GOP nominee?  That he was, in fact, a shill for Hillary and the whole point was so that Hillary would win?

How many times did they tell us that Trump could then, having been proven totally wrong, never become president?

These TrumpDerangementSyndrome types (roughly the same local group as the MadoreDerangementSyndrome types) view their politics through a filter of ignorance and emotion.

It's not limited to national races, of course.  When some hack whines about the WEA spending $330,000 or whatever on Stonier's race but remains silent in the face of the Realtors dropping a quarter of a million on Blom's race, well, that goes to a lack of integrity COMBINED with an emotional filter that distorts and allows those with that perspective to become tools for those who use them.  And even with a massive edge in fundraising, Blom is teetering on the brink.

Right, Lew?

Politics is a black and white business.  I have been saying all along that the trend is your friend, and the trend for Trump, once he got back on and STAYED on message, was straight up.  Hillary's criminality and incompetence didn't hurt, but by now, the outcome has been determined... and you can say it with me now:

President Donald J. Trump.

There is likely violence in the streets in the coming days.  Obama, who should be investigated for his own criminal activity along with Hillary and those scum surrounding HER (All of this makes the Tea Pot Dome scandal look like a parking ticket.) will no doubt fiddle while this country burns, remaining silent in the face of his friend's activities like he's remained essentially silent in the face of the slaughter of police officers around this country... while amping up more harmful policies and trying to come up with a way to pardon Hillary that doesn't make him look even worse than he does.

In the business of politics, there's no room for emotion or sentiment.  It's a cold-blooded, mentally violent business.  I get that many are embittered by this process and this outcome and will simply not be able to let go of their own personal biases as we move forward.  That's their privilege.

But there's no Lou Brancaccio to lead the sheep this time around.

I would say that now is the time to come together.

But such a plea would fall on deaf ears and fingers numbed with hatred in their keystrokes on their keyboards as those oh, so, superior and more intelligent lecture us on all of the bad things that are going to happen... never mind that they were dead wrong on everything else.

But this stands as an example of hatred-based politics.

For some, like Waters, the hatred snuffed out everything else.

For others, like Brancaccio, his hatred served as a clarion call to other haters of anyone to the right of Mao.

The most ardent supporters of other loser candidates rarely met the level of animus espoused by these two... Who used to be polar opposites politically, but Waters' hatred moved him so far left he wouldn't be out of place at a Young Communist meeting... except for his age.

I expect the contraction of government to be painful.  I expect a mass migration of illegal aliens.  I expect the police will become emboldened by support that comes all the way from the top.  I expect our military to be rebuilt.  I expect the political correctness of the Armed Forces to be reversed and I expect many flag offices to be fired or resign.

I expect changes in our foreign and domestic policies and I expect RESULTS.

Meanwhile, every political science/campaign textbook in the country will have to be rewritten.

And the hatred of the uninformed, the ignorant and the emotion-driven clowns who have been proven so irrevocably wrong will grow.  The Hitler references today are overflowing facebook and the rest of the 'net.

And the result?

President Donald J. Trump.

Your best efforts to elect Hillary, notwithstanding.

There is a certain pride I take in being right when everyone... and I mean EVERYONE... was telling me I was wrong.  But my positions were not a result of Trump fanaticism as much as they were a result of the knowledge I had that the American people were sick of being treated like mindless cattle. Sick of being abused, lied to, and certainly sick of the media being an extension of the democrat campaign and party.

And this was the inevitable result.  And now the Mark Cubans, the Bush's, the fake Republicans and the like are on the outside looking in.

Where they should be.

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