Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Quick question for the local RINO contingent:

If, as you, Lefty Lou and the rest of the leftists all claim the GOP here locally is so damaged.. then why did they do so well in the local races?

Where were the down-ballot problems allegedly caused by the local GOP?

Who lost who realistically would have won had the morons been in charge?

No one.

Politics, as even you idiots should know, is a game of numbers.

Are their fewer Republicans in elective office today than there were 4 years ago?

Or are their more?

And since there ARE more... what makes you clowns think the current regime should be replaced?

Instead, we get tripe like this:

Here is my final prognostication for federal elections. Clinton will win with a 4% percent popular vote margin over Trump. She will have an Electoral College margin of 300 to 238. Trump carries all of the Romney states including Georgia, Arizona, and North Carolina plus carries Ohio and Iowa carried by Obama in 2016. There has been a noticeable drift toward Clinton over the weekend in the polls. There still is the shy or hidden Trump vote theory that is plausible but I don't think will significantly alter the results. 
In Senate races, I think the Republicans will lose Illinois, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania and will not pick up the one seat they have a shot at in Nevada. For a net loss of 3 overall and will control the Senate 51-49. 
In House races, I think the Republicans will have a net loss of 12 seats, for a 235-200 House in 2017-2019. 
The Presidential election this year has featured the second most unpopular politician in the country beating the most unpopular politician in the country. 
The 2018 midterms should be sweet for the GOP.

To your average RINO, there was no way Trump could win.  And that's why it was SOOOOO easy for the fake Republicans to throw Trump under a bus over an 11-year-old audio tape in the face of Hillary's arguable treason, criminality, and the blood on her hands.

To me, you all appear to be in a snit because some efforts have been made to hold you accountable for your actions.  I disagree with the relative weakness of those efforts: certainly, Herrera, Rivers, and Kimsey should have been kicked out of the party for their lies and betrayals, but that's all beside the point:

The CONSTANT whining and sniveling by you RINOs avail you nothing, because you simply CANNOT make any kind of compelling case that you would do anything better and/or achieve better results.

Who, for example, would have lost in the 49th if you morons had been in charge?

The fact is, your playground theatrics are sickening and we would all be better off if you just STFU and went away.  Because with all your knowledge, know-how and political superiority, last night made you all look like blithering idiots.

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