Wednesday, November 23, 2016

One political standard: Trump

Regular readers here should know by now that I am merciless when it comes to politicians who lie to us.

Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, who lied about her position on increasing the gas tax and tab fees, hanging a $700 million bill around our necks (Making the waste of $200 million on the CRC Scam) look like lunch money in comparison; and now, no doubt, who will lie to us about whatever she decides for whatever the reason since that the GOP in the 18th District have shown they'd elect a brick if it had an "R" after its name.

Scott "Flat out lied to scam you into electing me" Weber, who ran on a platform of eliminating his job as an elected position... and then, like most corrupt politicians motivated by money, just proceeded to sit on his ass and collect the checks... without making ANY effort to implement his campaign promise.

Brandon "Mr. Committee" Vick, who did, essentially, nothing his first year in the House, lied about it by claiming his failure to do anything was part of a "plan," and then proceeded to lie about being on SIX different committees SIMULTANEOUSLY to show how hard he was "working," when in fact, as I pointed out, the reality was quite different and that once session started, he'd be lucky to be on two, let alone three... which was absolutely dead on as it turned out.

Marc "Pure democrat" Boldt, who went from "Conservative Republican" to "moderate Republican" to "no Republican" all in the same election as Jimmy Mains sucked out what was left of Boldt's brain and who, subsequently, became the REAL chair of the Clark County Council, using Boldt as his puppet.

All claim to be Republican.  I will never vote for any of them because they have no integrity and, per force, are unfit for election to any office.  I will, in fact, vote for whoever is running against them... as I did in the 18th District this year.

Regular readers also know that I picked Trump to win this far over a year ago, warning the rest of the GOP that the only way to defeat him would be to take his issues away from him by assimilating those positions party-wide.

I continued with that pick in the face of the disbelievers and the nay-sayers.  I took a lot of flack for my position on this... and those who attacked me because of my pick have become strangely silent in the face of the reality that I was right and they were wrong.

That brings us to yesterday, when word first leaked that Trump was backing away from his position on making sure that Clinton faced justice.

Those same morons who know as much about realpolitik as they do about retargetting nuclear missiles, having been destroyed at the polls and having their hated-based assurances of Trump's imminent defeat blow up in their faces, are now telling us , "see, I told you so" like the playground punks they are.

Like many (Most?) Trump supporters, I flipped out when I read this stuff.  You cannot "drain the swamp" and continue to allow the complete freedom of the biggest alligator within that swamp.

I carefully read what was said.  And the gist of it, nuanced to be sure, was not that he was going to stop these efforts.  The gist of it as I interpreted it, is that the investigations are going to continue but he is staying out of it.

Is that spin?  Perhaps, but not from me.  That was from yet another campaign talking head from the Trump organization this morning on FOXNews.

I can appreciate the list of things the man has to do and wants to do as a new president.  The idea that Trump has to expend ANY political capital to make a Hillary prosecution happen is nonsense.  Every poll taken concerning Comey's failure to get Clinton busted has come back with a majority, typically in the 60's, indicating that they believe Clinton should be indicted for her misdeeds.

How much political capitol does it take to implement the overwhelming will of the people, particularly when that was a pledge you made to get elected in the first place?

The question remains: will Obama pardon her?  Or will he try to maintain at least a shred of dignity for his abysmal tenure and stay away from doing such a completely partisan thing?

This smacks of a deal, you see.  My guess is that Trump is giving Obama cover for a decision NOT to pardon her.

That way, Obama can leave without looking like just another leftist moron (Think Clinton and Mark Rich) keep his hands clean and then leave the field open to allow Trump to do whatever it is that he wants to do in all of this.

I give him 6 months from now to implement his campaign pledge.

The moment I determine he has lied to us...  am going to dump my support of him precisely like I have dumped my support of any other lying political scumbag who is so insecure as men and women and who doubt their own positions so much that in their arrogance, they have to lie about them to get elected.

Even if we were betrayed, however, I take some solace in the fact that Trump at his worst is better than Clinton at his best.  And as the whining naysayers babble their "I told you so's," they are, I believe, as right about that as they were about the outcome of the election itself.

Trying to remain relevant by whining?

Good luck with that.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking my knee jerked a tad too quickly.

It better have.  Because if it turns out that Trump lied to get elected?

His history will be one term and out.

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