Tuesday, November 01, 2016

OK: where are all the "democrat politicians abandoning Hillary endorsement" articles?

Am I missing them?

I ran a google search and came up with a big, fat, nothing.

Locally, we were overwhelmed by GOP cowards bailing on Trump.  Liars like Rivers claimed to not have had the time to think about it.  The rest of the RINOs like Brent Boger couldn't WAIT to bail out.

So... where's the newspaper articles spelling out the democrats bailing on Hillary?  Where's the demands by the fringe-leftists infesting GOP facebook pages demanding positions on leftist politicians?  There was no shortage of them when it came to Trump...

All I'm hearing is cricket chirps.

Why the obvious double-standard?  How can these people continue to support a politician under criminal investigation... a politician who claimed that you shouldn't be allowed to own a firearm if you were under FBI investigation but who, somehow, should be allowed to run for president?

We all saw the articles here locally and in Seattle area newspaper which laid out in detail where the GOP candidates stood on Trump after the release of an 11 year-old tape.

OK.  Fine.  It was useful as a way for me to further strengthen my position that if RINO scum lack the testicular fortitude to stand with the only viable alternative as president because of a tape over a decade old, I'd vote for their opponent.

If any candidate failed to support Trump, I not only did not vote FOR them, I voted against them.


Where are these same media types asking the democrat politicians and candidates about where THEY are on Hillary and the FBI investigation?

What's the hold up?  What's taking so long?

I'd love to know.

But I also understand that I ill NEVER know because leftist journalism will never ask the question.

And the next time Lefty Lou writes another of his fictions on the cancer on our community's lack of bias, remind him of his failure here.

It's not the only one, to be sure... but it's among the least deniable by the perpetrators.

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