Tuesday, November 01, 2016

My letter to the Reflector endorsing Eric Holt for the 18th District Senate

Vote Holt in this election.

In 2000, as I was warming the seat of the Executive Director of the Washington State Republican Party, I came to know that my poli-sci degree and then 12 years work in politics, including 6 years on legislative staff in Olympia had not prepared me for how little party labels actually mean.  And that point was driven home by Sen. Ann Rivers’ betrayal of the people of her district and this county to the tune of $700 million…. More than $1500 from every man, woman and child in Clark County, on the gas tax and tab fee debacle.

I have known and worked with Ann Rivers since 1994, when we both consulted on the Richard Curtis House campaigns.  We've been family friends, business partners and have even vacationed together.  My wife and I have helped her and her husband through tough times that you could not believe… and for my part, it was because I saw her as both a friend… a sister… and something special in the political realm.  Now, she’s just another politician who has been paid over $330,000 for her services in the legislature.

In 2012, Rivers ran on a platform opposing gas tax and tab fee increases.  But she voted to throw us all under the bus…. And with that, Rivers became a part of the problem so damaging to our country, both here and abroad… a politician that lies to get elected.  Now, we pay 12 cents more for each and every gallon of gas.  Now, our tab fees are taking a huge hit, almost doubting.  And a huge part of that is because Rivers lied to us to get elected.

And that’s why I voted for Eric Holt.

I don’t agree with much of his politics.  But when facing the choice between voting for a man who tells the truth and voting for a Senator proven to lie to the voters and her constituents, that decision is surprisingly easy.

Eric Holt represents what we have lost.  Integrity and honesty.  I believe that when Holt makes a commitment, you can count on it.  Whatever our differences are, we can talk about them in a frank and honest way.  As it is now, Rivers refuses to communicate with me in any capacity because she knows her conduct as a politician has been a caricature of a Boss Hogg politician, when her friends and benefactors are better represented than her constituents. After all, using the “business decision” excuse allows you to lie about anything and get a free pass.  Right, Senator?

Telling the truth and keeping her word is not a problem Rivers has.  After all, according to Rivers at the January 9 town hall meeting she held, we wouldn't want her to be called a pansy for keeping her word to the electorate, would we?

Watch the video here to see for yourself Rivers’ justification for lying: and ask yourself… is this who we want representing us in Olympia?

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