Sunday, November 27, 2016

Democrats: is a name change required to repair the brand?

We've seen it before: brands renaming themselves or their products, for whatever the reason (although it's usually associated with failure) in such a way that the product itself doesn't change, but its packaging does.

Is it time for the democrats to rename themselves?

I believe it is.  And I nominate a name that accurately and truly reflects what the democrat party is; how they do business and how their actions compute:

The Hypocrite Party.

The endemic double standard of the left reeks.  They attempt to hold those they oppose in utter contempt.  They rig their primaries so those they see as "dangerous" have zero chance of being nominated.

Just ask your hardcore (yet simultaneously delusional) Sanders supporter for details if you lack them from the ethernet... they'll tell you all about it.  The party of the "Big Tent" really is more of an ideological phone booth, where those with pro-life or pro-family positions have no place, even though they may be ideologically as pure as the driven snow in every other respect.

Those in the gay community or of a minority persuasion find themselves savaged if the don't go along with the current arty meme, which looks much like it was designed and implemented by Vlad Lenin and Saul Alinski more than it was by the party of Kennedy.

And now?

It really wasn't all that long ago that leftists threw an outright fit over the idea that Trump might not accept the results of the election.

The democrat's criminal incompetent had this to say about it, in fact:

And so what are we finding ourselves faced with today?

Clintonistas are spinning it, of course; the claim seems to be that Hillary's Hypocrisy is perfectly OK since someone else shilling for George Soros is actually doing it; Clinton is just joining a movement "started by someone else."

Kinda like Quisling joined the Nazi Party.

Make no mistake: Clinton has now, through her actions in this matter, dragged the democrat party even further into the hypocrite column that Barack Obama, who famously claimed, before he and Congress more than doubled it, that the deficit in 2008 was "unpatriotic."


Connect the dots and the leftist party is no more about democracy than they are about performing abdominal resections.  No democrat is hitting up the media to be quoted that this kind of thing represents the very worst of politics and will now be used as a cudgel against the left for years to come.

Why is that?  Why is the left suddenly silent about that which just a few short weeks ago was so very important to them when it applied to Trump?

Leftists, lying like they do, hide behind the mantra, "gee, don't you want honest elections?"  Like they care... because if the LEFT wanted "honest elections" they wouldn't be courting the illegal alien vote, wouldn't be lying about voter ID being "racist" and wouldn't have had Obama come out and urge illegals to vote in this election.

Further, if "honest elections" are what these scum care about, surely at least ONE of the states where a recount is being considered would be a state Hillary won... wouldn't it?

Then why isn't it?

Gee.  I wonder.

Obama did his best this cycle to load up the voter rolls with illegal alien/non-citizen voters through his open borders policies, which is some instances have led to dead Americans, murdered by the thugs he's let in.

All without a peep from his fellow leftists who frankly, could care less and who feel that, somehow, ANYONE who wants to live here, REGARDLESS of circumstance... should not only be ALLOWED to live here, but that we should pay them for the privilege.

Meanwhile, veterans are dying while we wait for appointments, or we're turned away and kill ourselves when we ask for help... after 8 years of Obama promises of fixing the VA system which clearly he... and most other democrats... could care less about except when it comes time to pander for our vote.

So yeah: my take on all of this is simple:  If you're gonna be a party of hypocrites, stop hiding it.

Embrace it.  Revel in it.  After all, what have you got to lose?

(DISCLAIMER:  By making this suggestion, I in no way discount the number (or stench) of local GOP hypocrites who lie to get elected, get elected and do nothing, or claim to BE GOP when their policies and votes and record is to the contrary. or cause us much more harm than ever believed possible.

But the GOP itself does not have a party-wide hypocrisy or double standard about it, (for example, as much as the Establishment hates the idea of a Trump presidency, they didn't implement a system to keep that from happening) and when those in charge lie to us or about us, we push back.  Hard.)

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