Monday, October 03, 2016

Who I'm not voting for this election.

In a few days, the ballots are going to drop.

From the FWIW file, here's who I intend to vote against.

Generally, I will follow the following rules:

1.  If you are a RINO or endorsed by RINOs; (The Lefty Lou Posse)

2.  If you lack the guts to take positions,

3.  If you're a GOP candidate and fail to endorse Trump,

3.  If you have accepted funds or have had funds expended for you by the local Cowlitz mafia,

4.  If Jimmy Mains has anything to do with your campaign.

5.  If you ran against a conservative,

6.  If you lied to get elected...

Then I will not vote for you.

President:  Anyone not named Trump.

Senator: Vance

Congressman: Herrera

Governor: Bryant
Secretary of State:  Wyman

Supreme Court: Any incumbent

17th District Legislature:

Senate:  Wilson

House: Harris, P./ Kim

18th District Legislature:

Senate: Rivers

House: Vick/Pike

49th District Legislature:

Senate: Cleveland

House: Topper

County council:

3rd District:  Blom

4th District:  Quiring

In some cases, such as the 18th, this means that I will be voting for at least some democrat(s).  I will, for example, vote democrat in the 18th District Senate race and the 3rd District county council race.

In some cases, I won't be voting.

In other cases, I haven't made a decision.

If the race isn't listed here at this point it's because I really don't care one way or the other.

More to come...

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