Tuesday, October 04, 2016

The myth of the negative Trump down-ballot impact.

So, I've been waiting to see it: where is it?

Locally, for example, Lefty Lou Brancaccio continues to endorse any and every RINO running as well as anyone on their knees in front of him over the CRC scam while opposing anyone who has even had coffee with David Madore.

And while I have seen our resident editorial psycho point to any connection to Madore as a reason to oppose any conservative running.... I have yet to see where our lying local leftist has mentioned Trump as a reason to vote for... or against.... anyone.

If there is a "down ballot" impact of the Trump campaign, it's to ferret out the political cowards infesting us.

Chris Vance, for example, lacks the courage of a gnat and would sell his own mother to get elected.  He bizarrely thinks that if he hates on Trump more than Patty Murray, that will somehow equate to more votes.

Vance is going to get clobbered in November by the State Cow; Patty Murray generally has been an abysmal Senator but Vance would be an establishment sell-out.  There's no point in voting for a fake democrat when you can get the real thing in Murray.

Bill Bryant has destroyed any hope of defeating the inept, physically infirm (Speaking of Hillary... is it Parkinson's, Jay?) and completely unsuccessful Jay Inslee who has accomplished absolutely nothing in the 4 years he's wasted in office... because by lacking the guts to take positions... first on Trump and then on the badly needed oil terminal... hoping that his timidity might result in.... what, besides the base staying home?

Out-democrating the democrats, you see, has rarely been shown to be a successful strategy.  This year is no exception.

While some local politicians have shown similar cowardice; Greg Kimsey, Linda Wilson and Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers come to mind; the leftist opposition on the part of RINO Kimsey, for example, is to be expected.  The lies on the part of Wilson (who bought her Democratian endorsement with those full-page business ads, I'm given to understand) were a little more surprising, but not much.

Claiming she's "undecided" after a year-plus long presidential campaign, which Wilson apparently failed to notice, makes as much sense as Wilson claiming she's a conservative.

Rivers has shown she'll lie about anything... so her fake claim that “I haven’t given it much thought because all the electors in Washington state are going to (Clinton) and the president will be announced before my vote is counted,” is typical of the cowardice Rivers is known for.

After all, one of her major concerns over keeping her word on opposing the rape of our wallets over the gas tax and tab fees was that she, personally, would be a "pansy."  (Included in the video in this post:  The January 9, 2016 Rivers town hall meeting. )
These are the kind of decisions made by pure politicians who are looking at bigger and better things down the road.  But I don't give a damn about their political careers.  What I care about is representing US and doing it NOW.

That those we elect lack the courage of their convictions is the thing.  And we as a nation, a state and a community suffer for it every damned day as a result.

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