Monday, October 31, 2016

What's up with leftist violence? Why is this OK?

How is it that we could reach a point in America where destroying someone else's property for political reasons is OK?

Locally, here in Clark COunty, leftists have been destroying Trump campaign signs at warp speed.  Around the country, these scum not only destroy and steal signs, they actually BRAG about it on facebook and youtube.

When did that become OK?

A couple of days ago, a leftist scum bag actually destroyed Trump's Hollywood Star, videos the destruction while doing it, put the video up and then BRAGGED about it!

Gotta wonder: is he on the DNC's payroll like others who've been paid to foment violence?  After all, what better way to get earned media about a bogus DNC talking point?  We might find out, since this clown has now been arrested, finally.

Why is that sort of thing OK?  Why isn't Hillary condemning this sort of violence?

Not a big deal, you say?  OK, swell: how about this?

Had I been there, had many of us been there... all hell would have broken loose.

Why is this OK?  Why do leftists resort to this kind of thing?

Where is Obama on this?  Where is Hillary?  Where is Gov. Brown, for that matter?

These scum do this because the left has lent its approval to this kind of Nazi mentality.

Look, I admit it: I'm a Trump supporter.  He has his flaws, but none of them rise to criminality. 

I live in a location that's off the road and behind other houses, so I don't do campaign signs.  But I'm not above doing bumper stickers on my vehicles.

But not this time.

Windows have been broken out.  Paint has been keyed... tires knifed on vehicles with Trump stickers on them.

And who could possibly forget THIS insanity, that also took place here, locally:

Why is this sort of thing OK?

In this day and age, if you don't agree with a leftist, you're liable to be attacked in some form or another.

You're liable to be assaulted. 

It's not just a leftist thing:  My opposition to Hillary-like Republicans has caused me a certain amount of grief from the RINO contingent...

But their assaults, such as they are, haven't gone beyond words.

My fear?

That the left is ramping up to spill blood if they don't get their way: even more blood than they have already spilled... and that a real, genuine, fight is going to break out along political lines.

The right, of course, has the guns.

But it would not end well if it were to break out regardless. 

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