Monday, October 31, 2016

Is the media going to demand the democrats state their position on the national lying cow?

It didn't take local leftists long to get in the face of the local and national GOP types to demand that they state their positions on endorsing Trump.

I actually found that exercise useful: anyone denying Trump was automatically rejected and I voted against them.

That's not the only criteria, to be sure; but it's a huge part of my equation.

That said, the question NOW is this: are these same leftist media types like the democratian going to go out and get in the face of every LEFTIST candidate and demand their positions on Hillary? ?  Will the national lamestream media do the same?

Of course not.

The institutional double standard of scum like Lefty Lou is well known; lacking the testicles of a gnat, there's no way he ever do it... when combined with his hard-left bent.

Well the lamestream media chase down the Belle of Botox, aka Nancy Pelosi, and demand HER position on this?

Of course not.  They will continue to do all they can to get that sick cow elected.

But in this day and age of where lamestream media has the credibility of Baghdad Bob's cousin, Vancouver Lou, the media not only WON'T do their job (That, sadly, has been left up to Wikileaks) they will do all they can to bury the current criminality of Hillary forever... including after Trump is elected and the prosecution of Hillary and that rotten posse she's surrounded herself with has begun.

If only we had a media we could trust.

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