Friday, October 21, 2016

If only we could believe the media...

One of the problems with our modern information age is the increasingly difficult task of separating fact from fiction.

At every level, media has lost any pretense of fairness or objectivity.  Locally, the cancer on our community has done all they can to shape society into their vision of how things should be... without going through that minor aspect of bothering to consult the people of this county.

Nationally, the lamestream media and their accomplices... everyone from Zuckerberg to Google, has thrown their lot in with a criminal.  They don't even bother to hide their prejudice... their bias... their hatred and their anger at the though of a Trump residency.

Trump cuts the tag off a mattress, so to speak, and Hillary gets tens of millions of dollars of earned media, so to speak and her supporters blind themselves to her crimes, her corruption and her incompetence.

Locally, every allegation against David Madore received massive publicity... even though untrue.  (Yes, I'm well aware that he shot himself in the foot.  I've discussed that here as well, but strategic blunders do not equate to character flaws...)  When the allegations were disproven on the PDC, there was little to no mention of it in our local version of Pravda.

Both locally and nationally, campaigns coordinate with news coverage and lies are presented as truth and those who believe the lies deliberately overlook the inconvenient truths, the blood on her hands, the lies, the crimes she's committed and the corruption at every level of government that has even infected the highest levels of the FBI... a heretofore saintly organization unsullied by the Administration of the day.

As the election moves closer and the ballots are filled out, the efforts by the media to impact the outcome grows.

And my disdain for what they tell us grows with them.

If only they were truthful.  If only they could look beyond their agenda.  If only they just did their jobs and gave us the facts... the unfiltered, unbiased facts... so we could form our own opinions.

But no.  It's opinion masquerading as news.  Endorsements locally based on who's been drinking with Lou, or who buys full page ads for their business or who isn't to the right of Mao.

If only they would tell ALL of the truth... and not just the bits that fit their meme.

If only we could believe the media.

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