Saturday, October 15, 2016

I fear for my country. How the left is scamming this election... again.

Two years ago, there was an expose about the thought process behind the Obama Administration's successful efforts to screw us with Obamacare.

The upshot was that those behind this effort concluded, rightfully, that the average American voter is, well, stupid.

That conclusion was properly reached in Obama's reelection, which proved, in fact, the majority of voters in this country, are just that: stupid.  Every leftist from Harry Reid on down lied his ass off to get their boy elected.  And the people let them get away with it.

As a nation, we reelected the worst president this country has ever known.  What other conclusion concerning the voters can be reached?

Now, instead of jettisoning those who have put us in this position, we're appearing to desire to double down on this stupidity because we allow other people to lie us into changing our positions and voting the way they've manipulated us into voting.  They're experts at the art of practicing deception and deflection... masters of the art of bright, shiny object politics... and the American people may be falling for it again.

I'm already reading about what a great job Gov. Pence has done in positioning himself for a 2020 run if Trump doesn't make it this time.

Here's why that won't matter.

What happened to Trump with bogus allegations of sexual and other misconduct will also happen to Pence. And if Trump loses, it won't matter who the GOP runs, this SAME kind of crap will happen to whoever makes it to the 2020 general because it worked to take out Trump.

Doesn't matter that most of it is not true. These guys are following the Alinski rule book to perfection and it's working, if the polls are to be believed, to perfection.

In politics, as in football, you keep running the same play until the other side figures out a way to stop it. If you're explainin', you're losing. Trump is now a million miles off message... defending himself from this fakery... and that's precisely where they want him to be because when he was ON message, he was beating that woman like a drum.

Trump is running a terrible campaign, IMHO, not unlike McCain in 2012.  He's allowed himself to be baited into making stupid statements that only help Hillary.... when there's so many other positive things he could be doing.

There was miles of video out there, including the perfect footage of Joe Biden in the debates saying that Obama wasn't ready to be president... a campaign ad that wrote itself... that McCain never used.

Same situation now: there's all that footage of Obama attacking Hillary and Sanders attacking Hillary and Trump isn't using any of it.

If the GOP can't beat this obvious criminal this time, then they can never beat anybody at any time. And that will include a Mike Pence candidacy to run whatever's left of this country 4 years from now.

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Pete Masterson said...

Keep in mind that the 2012 election was "stolen" by the left tying up conservative organizations, especially those associated with the Tea Party from being able to participate, due to the corruption by the Obama IRS. (Nixon was truly an amateur in his use of the IRS to "annoy" his "enemies" -- but Obama and the Democrats outright silenced those who would challenge them through nefarious use of the IRS.

The reality is that the political spending limits and reporting requirements have hurt the ability of opposition candidates to challenge the crooks in office. The "bad old days" where there was minimal (or no) limits and spending reporting, actually allowed candidates and parties to do a better job getting out their message.

Of course, adding in the completely corrupt and useless "main stream media," that is totally in the tank for the leftists, it is no doubt that the United States, as we once knew it, will never be the same again, as it drifts into a gulag on the road to serfdom. About All I can do is be thankful that I had many years in a mostly free country, and I likely won't have that many years left to live in the declining state that our grandchildren will inherit.