Sunday, September 25, 2016

Why did law enforcement and media lie about the Mall Shooter being "hispanic?"

Well, as we all know by now, the suspected Mall Shooter is from Ankara, Turkey; one Arcan Cetin, 20, now living in Oak Harbor.... well, except he's in custody, wherever that may be.

Almost as soon as news of the shooting happened, we were told that the shooter was identified as a "Hispanic male."

Why?  He damned sure didn't look "hispanic" to me.

To mislead us?  To aid in throwing the suspect off when it came to being looked for?

Or was it, as I suspect, just another leftist effort to take the focus off the source of these terrorist attacks and what 99% of them have in common.... namely, islam?

Frankly, we all knew who was behind it the moment we heard about it.

As a rule, random Hispanics simply don't walk into a store and begin to blow women away.  But we all know about a certain group that does engage in that sort of thing.

Now the questions are: what do we do about it; how long do we put up with it and how many more of us have to be slaughtered or crippled before our government acts to end this?

That's what government is for, is it not?

These attacks must end.  We must take increasingly harsher steps to put an end to them.

We simply cannot continue to do what we've been doing... since clearly, that DOES... NOT... WORK.

Time's up, Barbie.  Time's up, Patty.  Time's up Maria.  Time's up, Jay.  Time's up senators, congress-members and legislators.

Start dealing.  Or others are going to start dealing for you.

Remember, boys and girls, this COULD have been the Macy's at Vancouver Mall.  These COULD have been US, our wives, daughters and a man related to us.  Even though it wasn't, they WERE Americans and they, as well as we, deserve better.

It's sheer chance that it wasn't down here.  But the question becomes this:

What are you going to do when it IS "us?"  What are you going to do when it's YOUR blood on the floor or that of your family member?

Then what?

Do we have to lose thousands more before we begin to do what must be done?

(Memo to RINO Lewwy:  Nice to know my hook is still firmly buried under your skin.  Heh.)

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Washington Native said...

Only one candidate for President acknowledged the families of the victims of immigrants, legal or not. One candidate understands we must do something about this. He's been labeled racist by the left, they spin whatever they can to disparage him and his character. I'm for stopping this now before we get to the point of no return, and that's where Europe is right now. The broken immigration system is from this administration. How can anyone ignore the evidence? The 9/11 attackers were here legally. The 3 immigrants from this last weeks attacks were all here legally. Over 185 persons who were listed for deportation this year, were mistakenly given U.S. Citizenship because they misplaced their fingerprint files in the wrong database. The automation thing doesn't work if you can't perform a secondary authentication to ensure what you are doing is right! Only Trump has had the guts to take a stand and declare the whole system needs thrown out and built anew, with real safeguards and policies to protect Americans.