Saturday, September 24, 2016

Five slaughtered north of Seattle at a mall. Are you carrying a gun, yet?

In yet another example of the idiocy known as a gun free zone (I NEVER go ANYWHERE without my .45) five people were slaughtered by what is being described as a "Hispanic male."

Is he hispanic, or a run of the jihadi terrorist?

I don't know... but my money is on the jihadi because, well, you know, hispanics just haven't been going around shooting up soft targets lately, but I have no trouble imagining a group who is known for that sort of thing... and their blood line typically doesn't begin in Mexico.

But that's not the point of this post.

Had any one of those people slaughtered last night been armed.... this might have had a somewhat different outcome.

Even hypocritical, anti-gun leftists carry.
Anti-gun Legislator Arrested With Gun
California Democrat And Gun Control Advocate Charged With Arms Trafficking
Radical Anti-Gun Democrat Arrested On the Street in Ferguson; Wait Until You See What She Got Arrested For!
Anti-Gun Democrat Arrested At Airport -- With Gun...
You see, it's not that politicians like our governor, the president, the Speaker of the US House, and Hillary Clinton don't want guns.... it's that they don't want US to have guns.

These people are SURROUNDED by guns.

And that leads me to you:

Are you armed?  Do you have a gun?  Are you carrying it EVERYWHERE YOU GO?

You can bet that none of those people at the mall... thought they'd get shot last night.  And the guy who shot them was counting on them being unarmed.

And that worked out very, very well for him and his plan.

It didn't work out so well for  the four women and one man he slaughtered.

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