Saturday, September 03, 2016

To vote for, or not to vote for: That is the question; whether tis nobler to vote for a truthful democrat or a lying Republican...

Sorry, just finished watching the Olivier version of Hamlet ('48) and was struck by the Muse..

That's the question for me.  That's the question for all of us.

That sort of thing disqualifies people like Hillary Clinton, who doesn't know the truth any better than she knows how to dress in anything besides padded/quilted mattress covers.

But it also disqualifies the Senator from the 18th District.

In endorsing her democrat, progressive opponent, I wrote the following:
I am not "progressive." I am not, as far as that goes, even a democrat. In fact, in 2000, I was holding down the seat of Executive Director, Washington State Republican Party.

I do not agree with your politics. But where we do agree is on the matter of honesty and integrity, of which the incumbent, my former business partner, has none.

I will be voting for you in the general election.

I am sick of dishonest politicians. Both sides have more than their fair share.

But I simply cannot abide by the arrogant dishonesty of the incumbent who ran on a platform of opposing gas tax and tab fee increases only to vote for them unnecessarily (Had she kept her word, the tax would have passed anyway) thereby increasing the tax burden of every citizen of this county, man, woman and child, by approximately $1500, only to lie about why she did so in public during her last day of town hall meetings last January.

I would rather vote for a truth I disagree with than vote for a lie that helps someone get elected or reelected.

Truth matters. And I will always choose honesty and integrity over the situational ethics of the incumbent.
I know the standard arguments as to why Rivers' multiple lies, her complete lack of remorse and unspeakable arrogance shouldn't matter; GOP control of the Senate is VITAL!  VITAL I say!

And, perhaps, I might have gone there if, in fact, it WAS "vital."

But you see, the moment the GOP-controlled Senate cut the people out of the equation on the massive gas tax and tab fee increase scam that Rivers had pledged to oppose, only to vote for said tax and fee increases when the time came, I knew... at that second... that in fact, no... it's NOT "vital."

In fact, it makes little difference at all.

The is no discernible difference between the lying hypocrites of the GOP Senate in policy than the more truthful, out there, democrats.

You see, democrats here in Washington State make few bones about their agenda.  They don't run on a platform of increasing taxes only to vote against such increases when the time comes.

Nope: they mean to increase taxes and fees and that's what they're running on.  And when given the opportunity, that is precisely what they will vote to do.  And I respect their candor.

Unlike Ann Rivers, who ran on the opposite end of the spectrum... she claimed... only to betray the people of her district and this county when the time came.

So now, in the general election, we, effectively, have two choices for senate:  Eric Holt or Ann Rivers.

We can vote for a man who appears to be steadfast in his perspective, no matter how much I may disagree with that perspective; or we can vote for a proven liar who will, obviously, say and do anything to get elected, only to then forget all about her pledges when it comes time to make a "business" decision... for fear of, as she put it, being called a "pansy."

I personally don't believe that keeping your word to your constituents... a word that you gave to achieve an end... namely, getting elected... equates to anything that could possibly result in anything derogatory from anyone but the special interests who now, obviously, own the Good Senator from the 18th District.  I also don't believe that as MY elected Senator, you have the right to ignore me as a constituent when I contact your office to seek clarification on your lie concerning your gas tax vote: do you REALLY expect us to believe that we'd be paying $7 BILLION in gas tax/tab fee increases instead of the $700 million you hosed us with?

Where do you get off refusing to answer me?

So, you see how I cam to this?

Am I thrilled about voting for someone that I disagree with on a policy level?


But I am even less thrilled at the idea of voting for someone who loathes the will of the people and who obviously does what she does because she takes us for granted and thinks we're stupid... and subsequently LIES on a policy level to get what she wants.

I take no pleasure in arriving at this course of action.  In fact, the process has been quite painful, involving sleepless nights, personal betrayal of myself and my family, efforts to get me fired, and most importantly, the betrayal of those of us who were foolish enough both to believe her... and to believe IN her... along with the taxpayers of her district and this county.

Now, she has become everything detestable in politics... everything she personally swore to me she never would become.

And I will never vote for her or anyone like her, again.


And that means I am voting for her democrat opponent, Eric Holt.  And I urge everyone in the 18th District who can vote to do the same.

Because at SOME point, SOMEWHERE, we have to draw the line and scream "ENOUGH!"

And this is me, doing that.


david clark said...

Where will they be on the carbon tax?

Just a guy said...

They same place the GOP was on the gas tax.

Gee, do you think that Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers can come out and say she "opposes a carbon tax increase" like she came out and said she "opposes gas tax and tab fee increases?"