Saturday, September 03, 2016

Lefty Lou's alzheimer's.

I finally figured it out.  The resident commissar of the Daily Democrat has Alzheimer's.

What else could possibly explain his lack of comprehension, his delusional inability to understand that, of the many things going on in this world, the "importance" of what he thinks about the local GOP is at the bottom of a miles-long list to give a rat's ass about?

I do note that he and his butt-buddy Lew Waters now sound EXACTLY the same... kind of a tweddle dumb and tweddle dumber bit... but that's kinda beside the point.  Lew's hatred is so deep that he doesn't care that the leftists are using him like a pair of pliers...  but then, that's the price for being a tool.

That said, I didn't read Brancaccio's garbage.  I don't have to to hear him dong a "Boldt-kicked-out-of-the-GOP" rewind (And what a disaster THAT was supposed to be, eh, kids?  And how did that work out for Lefty and his fellow dillwads?) to know what he wrote: his usual leftist-inspired crap designed to inflame the mindless leftist cretins of the C3G2 Chuckie Green/Carolyn Crain mindset.

It's apparent that Lou simply no longer has a functioning brain.

You see, what the GOP does or doesn't do is none of his business.

The GOP is a private organization and when it comes to policy, decisions, rules or any of the rest of it, he's got zero say.

I would imagine that Lefty is trumpeting the leftist/RINO talking points in his regular manure pile of a column; after all, the descriptors of "leftist" and "RINO" are interchangeable if the Three Stooges' governance is anything to judge by.

And it's kinda like him peeing his pants to get that bogus Julie Olson/Chuckie Green PDC complaint article out there BEFORE any of it was founded while sitting on his thumbs with the more easily proven allegation that my brother-in-law, Marc Boldt, appears to have ripped off $5000 from his 2012 campaign account.

Cricket chirps over that one, eh, gang?

As a rule, if either of the Local Lou/Lews are for something or against it, it's far better to simply take the opposite position.

And the reality is that as much as Lefty hates seeing some of his carefully laid plans (along with those of the RINO ilk he keeps on speed dial) blown to pieces, well, frankly, that's just too, damned, bad.

Particularly based on someone as feeble minded as he, obviously, is.

If I have any problem at all with the local GOP, it's that their actions didn't go far ENOUGH.  Much more needed to be done and wasn't.

But then, that's up to them.

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