Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Gee, whoda thunk it: Trust in media hits historic low


With the local disgrace to journalism and cancer on our community, The Democratian, destroying any vestiges of fairness and impartiality... and lamestream media long since having abandoned any pretense of doing anything but furthering the leftist agenda and working like the Democrat National Committee was paying them, are the results of this research any surprise?

Gallup poll: American trust in news media falls to lowest level in history

Around here, it's gotten so bad that if the leftists running and writing for the local version of the Völkischer Beobachter (The Nazi Party Newspaper) have abandoned even the appearance of reporting the news without spin designed to support the allies of their agenda (Leftists and RINOs) while attacking the opponents (the people and conservatives) whenever opposition rises to the fore.

And we're supposed to believe these lying scum?

Don't think so.

Media doesn't care, of course and this goes back to my pet peeve: Americans are lazy when it comes to the information they use to make their ballot decision... those who actuality bother TO vote.

The results of this polling do not surprise me.

What surprises me is that it took this long to sink this low.

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