Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Destroying the leftist myth that tolls are the answer to any question.

God knows the leftists and the downtown mafia, particularly Lefty Lou, have been shilling tolls as the way to fix all of our transportation problems,

That's a crock, of course; and thankfully, Lefty's CRC Scam blew up in is face and we're not having a $100 million hole blown in our local economy every year as a result of Lefty's loot rail fetish.

But we haven't heard the end of it.

The lie that THE most VITAL transportation issue confronting us is the replacement of the functional, and PAID FOR I-5 Bridge ahead of ANYTHING else, including additional bridges on additional routes FIRST, is the mantra these scum kerep pounding.

And, of course, that we have to be tolled to use it.

Well, I just spent a few days on a FAMOUS toll road that you've likely heard of: the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

And I would urge to everyone shilling the scam that toll roads solve our problems to take your heinies over to Pennsylvania and check out the condition of THIS toll road.

Putting it mildly, its a mess; for all of the leftist clowns demanding we tear down our paid-for and perfectly functional I-5 Bridge and replace it with their version of Nirvana, a massive, toll-sucking, unneeded and unwanted loot rail bridge, they need to see that their claims are false.

Terrible road surface; miles and miles without lighted roadway, sections that are two lane and in some cases lanes without shoulders...  it was a genuine eye-opener that puts the lie to the idea that first, we should pay tolls at all, and second; that tolls are some sort of be-all to end-all for our transportation issues.

They're not.

The issues is what being done with the money.  And like the massive rip off of the tunnel in Seattle that we're going to pay hundreds of millions in obvious cost overruns for, or the rip off of the Seattle loot rail scam pegged at $54 billion that you KNOW may cost 50% or more than that and which Seattle will expect US to pay for...

Tolls guarantee nothing save for a massive hit on our local economy, not unlike the hit we're going to take for the $700 million we got hosed for by fake Republican Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers.

When the downtown mafia/leftist/RINO set starts talking cross-river transportation solutions, make sure you keep one hand on your crotch and the other on your wallet.

They're coming after both.

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