Tuesday, August 09, 2016

When hatred guides your politics.

It's bizarre to watch.

But then, this cycle ranks among the very most bizarre attacks of RINO-itus I have ever seen.

In everything from local RINO tools getting used by the left to take out Madore to those 50 morons who endorsed one of the most despicable human beings this planet has ever known over the Republican nominee for president.

Lew Waters' hatred, for example, continues unabated towards Madore.  And now, instead of being shunned by the fringe left hate group known as C3G2, they lionize him and provide links to his blog.

Back when they first started up and Waters was actually a conservative, he was blocked from posting anything there.  Now, with fake GOP whack job Carolyn Crain (Crushed for the 3rd time for her idiocy in the last primary) acting as an admin over that fringe-left hate site, Waters' words are out there for all to see.


Because he no longer even vaguely resembles that which he once was: a conservative.

And because his playground BS supports that of the leftists who used him like a tool, he's given front row seating at the circus he used to oppose... but now, fully embraces.

Waters formerly had one of the most read, most respected political voices in the area.


Now he's just a buffoon, a shadow of his former self, flattered into turning his back on his conservatism for the accolades of those who used him to assist in achieving their aims.

It doesn't end with Waters, of course,  Local RINOs abound infested with that same virus; too enamored of what they believe to be their own success to understand that they're being totally manipulated by those who hate Republicans generally and conservatism particularly.

So, next time our taxes go up... next time an American gets killed because of the leftist policies at the national level... next time our massive deficit balloons, next time a military aircraft falls out of the sky because they can't get parts, next time the Chinese throw a fit or Putin bites off a chunk of Europe while we twiddle our thumbs... a large part of it is based on this: political opposition morphs into hatred, and those who used to battle against it so valiantly have become victims of those who NEVER take THEIR eye off the prize: the complete silencing of the very thing these tools USED to represent.

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