Monday, August 08, 2016

How to defeat Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers in November

Though Rivers picked up 58% or so  of the vote last week. she is likely the most vulnerable incumbent on the ballot.

Voters hate a certifiable liar.

In an election year where vague constructs of telling the truth and keeping your word are just so much background noise, a focused campaign that nails Rivers to the cross for not only her 2012 election lies but the economic damage they caused and are causing combined with the inevitable comparison of the $200 million waste of the CRC/loot rail scam along with the other aspects of her "work" in the betrayal realm would get it done.

1.  Focus on her betrayal on the issue of gas taxes and tab fee increases.

Her lies, captured here from her own campaign web site, are damning evidence that she does not keep her word and does not care that she betrayed the people of her district and this county.

The video made at her January Town Hall meeting (about 8 minutes):

(Video credit to Brent Boger)

The idea that she doesn't regret lying to us... that she, instead, regrets making the promise in the first place, is part and parcel as to why she should never be allowed into the Legislature again.

2.  Focus on her ADDITIONAL lie, located in the video, wherein she acknowledges yoking us with a $700 million tax but claims she did so in order to avoid a $7 BILLION bill instead, reducing her desire to betray us to a mere "business decision."

3.  Using her "business decision" excuse to betray us, point out that she can be replaced with an accountant if "business decisions" are adequate reasons for her to abrogate her pledges to us to do "X," while ultimately, doing "Y", instead.

4.  Focus on the definition of "representation."

5.  Pledge to always, always, ALWAYS tell the truth and keep your word.

Once it becomes known that Rivers is personally responsible for yoking every man, woman and child living in this county with a $1500 tax bill for her "business decision" where in piddling projects in her district get $100 million and a wholly unneeded, $100 million CRC-related replacement of a perfectly good freeway interchange (Mill Plain and I-5) at a $500 million dollar loss to the residents of this county generally and her district specifically... once it becomes known that 12 cents of every gallon of gas pumped is her direct responsibility... forever... then the vulnerability becomes clear.

It requires an interested opponent, of course, which she does not seem to have at this point... but it CAN be done.

A few bucks, some hard work, and a man on a mission... and Rivers would be gone.

Many in the GOP would recoil at the idea.  After all, the fate of the balance of the Senate could rest on this action.

Well, here's the thing: that's something that Rivers should have thought of BEFORE she screwed us.

"After" is a little too late.

You see, the GOP-controlled state senate has done precious little to separate them from a democrat-controlled senate.

They screwed us on the state-level dream act, wherein illegal aliens are now eligible for state grants for college... and eligible for taking away slots for Washington citizens, as far as that goes; they screwed us on the fake men getting into women's showers by failing to pass a bill to end that insanity... and they screwed us on the gas tax/tab fee increases.

Most importantly, RIVERS screwed us by taking a yes vote on that rip off when such a vote would not have been needed... since her "no" vote would have allowed it to pass even without her (In short, they had the votes)

And since she reads the blog every day (As if using a spoof site could block me from knowing that) she knows she can lose as well.

I am voting for Rivers' opponent.  I am also voting for the opponents of those running for the House as well.

I am not going to reward those who either lie to us or engage in other actions to do us harm with my vote.

Control, or lack of control over a House in the legislature or even the federal Congress, has rarely made any appreciable difference.  For me, it's no excuse now... when the outcomes are indefensible either way.

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