Tuesday, August 09, 2016

What's my ballot going to look like?

OK.... now that the dust has settled from the primary, who am I going to vote for if the election were today?

What’s my ballot going to look like, if I had a super ballot?

President: Trump

Senator: Murray


Congress:  Moeller

17th District: 18th District: No incumbents  Open seats: Probst, Hash.

49th District: Senate – Gerhardt  House: Topper

County Council: Battan

This, of course, represents the most democrats I've ever voted for.  But I refuse to reward so-called GOP types for betraying us, lying to us, working to overturn our decisions and the like.  Some falsely claiming to be "independents" when they are, in fact, Boldt-variety leftists, don't care that their buddies lie.

I do.

The way to send the message, I believe, is to vote for the opponent whenever your choice boils down to voting for those only concerned about themselves, or voting for those who deserve a shot.

Because what POSSIBLE good does it do to reward that kind of behavior?

Is it any wonder so many in politics believe the voters are stupid?

Do I want to vote for leftists?  Nope, not in particular.  But I refuse to vote for the fake Republican variety (RINOs) when we can have the real thing.  That way, we know exactly where we stand.

Do I want to vote for GOP candidates who lie whenever it suits them to get elected; make bogus pledges and then ignore them because of some sort of pay off?  Absolutely not.  And I won't.

Do I want to vote for clueless, tax raising idiots masquerading as GOP (Blom)? Of course not.

Will I vote for those who've enslaved themselves to the Tribe by taking Mohegan money?

No chance.

So, that leaves precious few options.

Now, who do I think is going to win?

Trump (Nationwide) Clinton (WA)




All Clark County legislative districts, all incumbents.  (And that is a damned shame)

Open seats:




Council seats:



Everyone has to make their own decisions.  As for me, I've made mine and business as usual crap is no longer going to cut it.

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