Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Another of the many places where the military is failing the troops.

Back in January, I posted a group of pictures taken in a barracks in Ft. Gordon, of a deployed infantry unit and the impacts of black mold on their facility... impacts that took place while they were deployed.

Things being the way they are in the military, here's Chapter 250 since:

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So not saying where this is at..(Bragg) these barracks (across from the Airborne PX) has more mold and paint layered than a midget sandwich at Secrets Strip Club..


This is obviously a failure of leadership.  It's yet another message that the Army doesn't give a damn about the troops.

There should be a service-wide facilities inspection and this should be a top priority to fix.

There's no excuse for exposing our troops to black mold.  None.

Does anyone doubt this is making them sick?

Why isn't the senior leadership doing something about this?

Too busy getting transvestites to enlist for the power point presentations?

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