Saturday, August 20, 2016

So, why is government so screwed up? Here's a hint: it's our fault.

A few years back (205 or so) a fellow by the name of Joseph Marie comte' de Maistre famously  observed "every nation gets the government it deserves."

As we look around and see our nation drowning in debt, our expenditures exploding, our tax and health care cost increases far outstripping any wages; our foreign policies a shambles, our military reduced to ripping parts off of museum pieces, our VA system is killing our veterans and we have a president who celebrates treason.

We have a Congress run by people who ostensibly identify as Republican but who vote like the democrats had a super-majority in both Houses.

Giving the GOP control of Congress was predicated by the idea that once they were installed, they would oppose Obama's efforts to damage our nation in about every conceivable way,

How many of those Republicans were elected and re-elected on the premise that they'd get rid of Obamacare?

How many were elected on the idea that they'd get spending under control and actively begin to reduce the deficit that is now entirely out of control, enslaving future generations as we either default on this mushrooming debt or we expand it even further; either option being difficult to consider and impossible to avoid.

We have an election coming up.

And when we vote... we are going to vote for more of the same.

Ann Rivers will be reelected.  And when she is, she will simply do whatever she wants, with zero accountability to anyone.

She will vote to raise taxes like the democrat she is, because this betrayal and her rank dishonesty has caused her zero political fall out.

That she ran on a platform of opposing gas tax and tab fee increases was meaningless to her.  In fact, she told us at a town hall meeting that she doesn't regret breaking her pledge, she only regrets making it in the first place because the LAST thing these creatures want is accountability... and now, it's just reduced to who can make her the best deal.

The democrat who announced against her has been campaigning like he's dead, so as a result, the district has no idea that Rivers is a liar, that she betrayed the people not only of this district (18th) but of this county, as we now mush bear the burden of paying $1500+ for every man, woman and child living in this county because she refused to keep her word.

Jaime Herrera will be re-elected even though, as a member of Congress, she has accomplished absolutely nothing, save for her-reelection; going out of her way to FOOL us into believing she actually accomplishes something while she regales us with tails of her baby and gets int magazines and newspapers NOT because of what she's done in Congress, but because of her kid... which is NT her job.

Patty Murray is a shoo-in since she's running against a clueless idiot in the form of Chris Vance, another fake Republican.  Bill Brant sealed his fate through his political cowardice by attacking Donald Trump like the democrats were paying him for it... to become Jay Inslee's latest victim even though Inslee has been arguably the least effective governor in the history of governors.

And while I believe that Trump CAN win, if he doesn't quit screwing around and stay on message, he WILL lose.  And we will have elected a total and complete criminal who should spend the rest of her sorry life in prison for her corruption and the blood spilled so conveniently on her behalf.

And as these and the many like them are sent back to govern us... does anyone remotely believe that somehow, things will become "different?"

Does anyone believe for one second that no matter who we put in charge, the light in the tunnel is attached to anything but another bankrupt Amtrak train?

This is part and parcel as to why so few other to vote.

Almost ALL of these people lie.  Almost ALL of them will say and do anything to get elected or reelected,  Some who should no better, when confronted with the facts, ignore you and tell you they're going on their "gut" feeling, which, of course, comes with a check from those who will benefit from that gut.

One of the reasons I quit campaigns is there's n one left to betray us and fail in their duty to their constituents.

There's no one left to believe in.  They're all for sale.  They sell us out to the highest bidder and what do we do about it?

Absolutely nothing.

So, the next time you get pissed off about how government is screwing us at every level, do yourself a favor and find a mirror and look into it.


And then remember who you voted for.  And understand that, all too often... the fault is yours.

We have, after all, the government we deserve.

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