Friday, August 19, 2016

A GUARANTEED plan to fix EVERY problem with the VA Medical issue.

The plan is simple:

Require the President, Vice President, Secretary of Defense, the Service Secretaries, the entirety of the VA bureaucracy, including VA Secretary Bob McDonald;  every member of Congress AND their spouses, be ONLY allowed care at VA facilities and list them ONLY as "veterans."

THE moment these people have to rely on the system they've jammed down the throats of the veteran population of this country, you would see miraculous changes occurring over night.

Few, if any, of these people, get their care at VA facilities.  As a result, they don't know... and simply don't care... that the veterans are getting screwed out here.

Make THEM wait years for surgery.  Make THEM wait months to years to be seen by a specialist.

Make THEM pay for this "free" medical care.

See how long it takes to get VA Medical squared away.

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