Friday, August 26, 2016

Impending teacher's strike? Simple: if they don't show up for work, arrest them or fire them.

What is it with teachers?

They seem to think they're God's Gift, no matter how abysmal their end product may be.

Here's the thing: no one forced anyone to be a teacher.

No one forces anyone to be employed as a teacher by any school district.

It is illegal to strike.  To me, the options are obvious for those who view their positions as being so precious they can ram it in and break it off to the children they're holding hostage and the parents who pay their fricking salary:

Option one:   You don't show up for work?

You arrested and jailed.  Start alphabetically.  By the time you get to see, they'll be begging to come back to work.

Option two: fire them and yank their credentials.

Teachers are like buses: get rid of one and another one will be along in a little while.

But I am heartily sick of teacher extortion.  I am heartily sick of the outrageous money we pay these clowns for their part time (183 day per year) jobs, PARTICULARLY given their abysmal end products.

Presumably, teachers can at least read.  Also, it would appear that they should have known how much the job paid before they took it.

Further, as a career field, they SHOULD have known how much the job of being a teacher ever paid before they made the decision to become one.

Don't like the pay, the benefits, the retirement, as outrageous as it is?

Then quit.

Go do something more suitable that will pay you oh, so much more.

Extortion is extortion.  And like every other teacher strike threat, this is nothing more nor less than holding the children hostage so they can fatten their wallets even more.

I'm completely sick of it.

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