Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Why does it matter if the Russians hacked the DNC?

Leftists are getting hammered based on what these emails contain.  They have no defense; they treat minorities of all stripes as if they're still on the plantation, they're racist, they're bigoted, they show the true internal thought processes of the left and how they view the minorities they own on a political level.

Here's my take:  I don't give a damn who got these emails or how.

What I care about... what YOU should care about... what we ALL should care about... is what these emails contain.

This garbage about Trump and Putin is the ONLY card the left has.  They have no defense for their bigotry and racism, so what do they do?

I'm reminded of the old lawyer saw: "When the facts are on your side, argue the facts.  When the law is on your side, argue the law.  When you have neither, attack the other side's lawyer."

Like those making the claim the Russians hacked these servers (simultaneously claiming the Russians or others did NOT hack Hillary's closet servers) to get Trump elected... they really don't know for sure.  But they've GOT to make the Putin claim because they've GOT to deflect from the contents of the emails in question.

This morning, the NY Times essentially came right out and said that Putin did this to "interfere" with our elections.

You mean, like Obama... who apparently spent $350,000 taxpayer dollars in an effort to cause Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, to lose?

Ultimately, the FBI has far more evidence that Hillary has violated a stack of federal laws than anyone does that Putin is behind the WikiLeaks or that he's doing it for Trump.

And these same people simply don't care about that.

And these same people whining about who they THINK is behind the leak is far less important than the leak... and its contents... itself.

But then, that's all they've got.

I reiterate: the issue isn't so much who got these emails.

The issue is what the emails say about the left's disdain for Americans of all colors, beliefs and political positions.

And these people damned sure don't want to talk about THAT.

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