Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers thought for the day.

This morning, I was watching a business channel and they were discussing how the price of oil was sliding.

At that moment, it was around $42.90 a barrel or something.

But what caught my eye was this: the nationwide average, including taxes, for a gallon of regular gas was $2.15.

So, early this afternoon, I was at Costco to get a prescription for one our dogs (heart problem... sigh) and they were selling Regular at $2.29.

Fourteen cents over the average.

And the thought that came to mind at that point?

Ann Rivers is responsible for 12 cents of that number.  And we're going to be paying it long after I die.

The RINO contingent around here doesn't care.  Rivers lied to get elected; lied about why she lied, and doesn't regret lying as much as she regrets making the pledge in the first place.

After all, what's $700 million (the cost of her lie) to the people of Clark County?

But what's astounded me the most is how little people actually care.

The RINOs don't care.  After all, it was a leftist vote, taken by a fellow fake Republican; who cares that she lied to get elected and had she EVER mentioned that she would SUPPORT a scam like this, she wouldn't have been elected dog catcher?

Well, *I* care.

This represents an outright betrayal to the people of her district and to me, personally.  But because she lies about her political identity and claims to be GOP, it doesn't seem to matter.

Well, *I* believe it DOES "matter."

And the next time those of you who believe it doesn't matter think or complain about how screwed up our government, at any level, happens to be....

... go find a mirror and stare in it while you remember this meme.

Because you, personally, are a huge part of the problem.

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