Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Lies of RINO Johnny Blom

Regular readers already know I despise our local RINO contingent.  They are financed and their campaigns are ran by leftists... and far too many of us simply don't get that their campaigns are designed, ultimately, to get rid of the GOP altogether.

That's why a slimeball like Jimmy Mains runs their campaigns and so many democrats are funding them.

RINO Johnny Blom is no different.

I asked that little worm how he would have voted differently in any way from the 3 Stooges.  He refused to answer... which clearly means that he would NOT vote differently than those morons.

I got some of his litter today, another mailer full of crap much like he is.

It was so full of lies that I was astounded it didn't spontaneously combust.

Lie number 1:
"A new approach to improving Transportation in Clark County."
Yet, there's nothing in this garbage "new."  In fact, most of it is recycled leftist crap.  And how is anything he offers "new," when all he's going to do is what Boldt tells him to do and the leftist/democratian clique have tried for years?

Lie number 2:
"John will work to rebuild broken relationships..."
Kinda sounds like a marriage counselor.

The lie is obvious: the issue isn't "broken relationships."  The issue is the refusal of the people of this county to acquiesce to the loot rail/CRC scam that Blom supports and WE oppose.

This is snake oil; poorly written bright shiny object politics.

Lie number 3:
"...and have frank discussions about the conditions of our roads and how we can improve them."
Roads in the COUNTY are fine for the most part.  Roads in the Vancouver Soviet?

Not so much.

This kind of crap comes under the broad heading of "glittering generalities."  "frank discussions" don't change anything.  With who?  About what?  To do what?  And who pays for it?  And how much?

He offers zero specifics because like all leftists and RINOs, he doesn't want to be held accountable for lying to us to get elected.  And his failure to offer specifics is either because he doesn't have them because Mains hasn't stuffed them down his throat... or because he has them, and he knows he couldn't get elected dog catcher if he put them out there.

Which one do you think it is?

Promise nothing - nothing to be held accountable for.  And everything he wrote equals exactly nothing.

Lie number 4:
"He is supportive of a mass transit option that alleviates congestion on the I-5 corridor."
The biggest of his many lies, there ARE no "mass transit options" that will do this.

Further, this is code for "Loot rail."  And who has been shilling that the hardest around here?

The democrats.

So why is this mutt running with a democrat football?

Lie Number 5:
"John will listen to citizen input..."
I'm reminded of Gas Tax Rivers: "The people have spoken and I have listened," she said to get elected in 2012.

Yet, oddly, when the time came to vote... she seemed to forget all about what she'd heard.

RINO Johnny is no exception.

Lie Number 6:
"and work to create the best possible transportation plan and quality of life for the next generation of Clark County residents."
I, myself, would be a little more interested if he'd work for the CURRENT generations already living here.

And what does his vision look like?  What, exactly, does he advocate?


You see, this is the kind of idiocy Jimmy Mains trowels out.

A bunch of words and lies that say nothing.  Typical of the RINO clique the leftists and Boger-types are throwing out there to screw us all... like Boldt screwed us on the property tax... and Rivers did on the gas tax.

Vote for whoever you like.  But don't be a total idiot by voting for this clown.

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