Monday, July 18, 2016

So, how do I choose who I support?

Over the 28 odd years I've lived in our bucolic dorf, I've certainly completed my graduate work in the science of politics.

I volunteered for numerous campaigns; worked on legislative staff for a little less than 6 years; served as executive director for the state GOP, worked as a consultant and ran my own business working on and analyzing our local political realm.

I've learned a great deal.  So much, in fact, that I wish I didn't know.

I've, rarely, seen the very best in people.

Typically, I've seen the very worst.

You hear things... see things... do things.  Others do as well. 

You learn the deepest, darkest secrets about people.  Some alleged... some confirmed.

I only actually publish about 1/3rd of what I know.  It's all written down, of course... you know, the mind is the first to go all too often.

And that said, here's how I arrive at what I arrive at:

1.  If the Columbian endorses a candidate, that practically guarantees I will oppose them.

2.  Recently, if a candidate becomes part of the CCRINO cabal; is endorsed by Crain, or in the alternative, Crain's fake Republican group; or Boger or the C3G2 hate group, the Young Democrats, the Realtors, the Cowlitz Casino scammers... then I will, at a minimum, stop supporting them.

No candidate who is any of those things is being supported because of what's best for the people of this county.  Those endorsements and financial support checks are a result of an agenda or 6 and the LAST concern those people have is what we want.

They will lie, cheat, exaggerate, make up fiction out of whole cloth to get what they want... and they apply a double standard like they breathe, completely failing or excusing the conduct of THEIR candidates or THEIR incumbent regardless of how badly the people they would govern get screwed.

3.  If a candidate lies to me, ignores me, plays me, uses me (or tries to) I will oppose them.  If they abandon principle, ever... then I will never vote for them.

Knowing someone does not relieve them of their responsibilities in this regard.

Being related to someone doesn't either.

The idea that anyone, including my whack job brother-in-law, can abuse us and use the people as their own personal play thing without me calling them out on it is insane.

The idea that anyone, even a former business partner who was as close as a sister, can lie to get elected and get 100% away with it when I know about it is equally insane.

Everyone has their own reasons and ways, from party loyalty to personal friendship.

Those things have no meaning for me since those things have both led to betrayal of me personally and to the people they would govern.

As you mark your ballots from now on.... I urge you to take a different view.  I urge you to take a view not rooted in how you feel, but instead based on what you KNOW.

I will never reward those who come under this umbrella of corruption with my vote.  Ever.

I will, in fact, vote against them.

Labels and letters are meaningless.  What matters is what they've done and what they will do.

Don't ignore it.

Don't "settle" for someone.

Make your vote matter.

Don't be sheep.  THINK.  Make THEM serve you.

Keep doing what we're doing... keep accepting mediocrity... and our country will become less and less likely to survive.

Don't be a sucker.  Maker it matter.

I believe I am.

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