Friday, July 22, 2016

Something to ponder: with every terrorist attack making it more likely for a Trump victory...

...why are they doing it?

Throughout the War on Terror, I've frequently pondered the strategic element by the terrorists as to why the Taliban, et al, were so hot to kill Americans?

Ultimately, the less they fought, the more likely the US Government would do what they always do: never enough to eliminate the problem... just enough to take the Obama gambit of simply "declaring victory" and going home... leaving a horrific political hole to be filled by those far worse than those we were actually fighting in either Iraq or Afghanistan.

We know what a disaster that series of policy stupidities Obama's idiocy has caused us.... unnecessary deaths and wounds... lives shattered if not destroyed in a nonsensical effort to check one of his "what's my legacy" boxes.

But the irony of all of this for me is simple: the less they fight while we are there... the less we'll do after we're lulled into our inevitable sense of complacency and leave.... with the inevitable slaughter of those foolish enough to believe our promises to them to get them to support us while we were there taking place soon after.

So, they will keep engaging in these terrorist attacks and our government will keep doing it's inevitable tarantula-being-visited-by-a tarantula-wasp imitation until such time as the people of this country have had enough.

Ultimately, a Clinton victory means that the current moronic policies that aid and abet terrorist elements will be amplified and attacks will worsen, growing in frequency, number and location.

A Trump victory, on the other hand, likely means something quite different.

Many of the morons engaging in the #NeverTrump insanity are wrapped up in their emotional anger over their guy or guys losing to a man who had never, ever ran for political office; a man who out thought, out maneuvered, out manipulated the best the GOP could find...

... all while blood is spilling and the only alternatives offer up precisely NOTHING to engage and destroy an enemy that MUST be engaged and destroyed... unless, of course, you're our current, pathetic, Attorney General who, effectively, claims that we can hug them out of their terrorist leanings or that moronic state department talking head who suggested that they'd drop terrorism in favor of a job if they could find one.

Who knew, for example, that Major (Dr.) Nidal Hassan was unemployed when he shot up Ft. Hood?

Only one candidate discusses in any realistic detail the approach and the attitude we should assume to meet the threat.

I believe that Trump is going to win.  And I believe that each and every terrorist attack will increase the number of votes that go his way.

Which makes me wonder: why are these idiots doing this?

Wouldn't it be easier to lay low... let our government slink away as it has done so many times over the past several years in the face of an intransigent enemy... and THEN strike?

Every attack shows the wisdom of restricting muslim immigration efforts... particularly when, for example, a 17 y.o. refugee takes an axe and hacks people trapped on a train, like he did a few days ago.

Terrorists around the world attack the West for one simple reason:  Because we will not do what has to be done on any sustained level in the face of these attacks.

They count on Obama's cowardice and indecision.  They count on our state department's bumbling incompetence.  They count on the US Military continuing to grow weaker by the day between the social science test tube and the museum wrecking yard mentality we have to get spare parts crippling us.

And we rarely disappoint.

TRUMP, on the other hand, appears to be another kettle of fish altogether.

IF he will do what he claims than the outcomes could be quite different than what we've grown used to; a servile, weak American military best illustrated by the piss-poor job the Navy did when they allowed themselves to be captured by the Iranians simply moving away or staying home because the leftists with their finger on the trigger would never, under any circumstances, pull it.

If Clinton wins, then it's more.... MUCH more.... of the same, with a sprinkling of her rape of the 2nd Amendment thrown in, her desire to wreck our economy with ever more spending, ably aided and abetted by the fake Republicans in Congress AND a Supreme Court that will make us long for the days of a government built along the lines of the Communist Manifesto, since she will cheerfully out-communist the communists.

Meanwhile, terrorist attacks will explode under a Clinton presidency, even more than they did under the Obama presidency... because they know she, like Obama, is a coward.

Trump winning, in my estimation, makes that less likely, much like Reagan winning made the release of the Iranian hostages inevitable... a release that took place some 20 minutes or so after Reagan was sworn in, if memory serves.

The easiest, most effective strategy on the part of the terrorist would be to just stop.

The easiest, most effective strategy on the part of us would be to vote for Trump.

Because Clinton as an alternative is simply unthinkable.

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