Saturday, July 23, 2016

Republicans I voted against.

I have a simple filter when it comes to voting.

If I know you to be less than honest, then I vote against you.

And sometimes, that means voting democrat.

As a policy conservative, it's not that I support much of anything that democrats are doing or want to do, unlike some who claim to be GOP but vote RINO... which, in fact, is the same thing as voting democrat anyway.

But the choices are stark and clear: if you are a RINO; if you lie to get elected, if you "tear down your opponents house to make yours look bigger," much like the purveyor of that phrase... who has clearly completely forgotten it, much like she forget her pledge to oppose gas tax and tab fee increases... if you fund or otherwise support These RINOs or the leftist efforts to attack conservatives, I will always oppose you politically... and never patronize your business if you're writing checks to help in that effort.

Got that Beaches?  Got that, Kuni?

That said, here's my "I voted against them" list.

US Senate:  Chris Vance

Governor:  Bill Bryant

Congress:  Jaime Herrera

State Senate:  Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers

State House:  Brandon Vick

County Council:  Jennifer McDaniel

PUD Commissioner: Nancy Barnes

"No" on District 3 Fire Protection: the 3 Stooges (Boldt, Stewart and Olsen/Green) took that money away by jacking up our property taxes.)

(Note: the above names were those on my ballot in the 18th District)

Others I would vote against:

49th District House: Carolyn Crain

17th District Senate: Lynda Wilson

17th District House:  Paul Harris

County Council: John Blom

In some cases, that meant voting democrat, or would mean voting democrat.

But the alternative is simple: rewarding dishonesty... rewarding political corruption... rewarding broken pledges... which is part and parcel of what's dropped us into the sorry state we're in.

Insanity, it's frequently alleged... is doing the same thing over and over, while expecting a different outcome.

So, this election, try something different.

Drill down on the candidates appearing on the ballot.  Ask them questions.  Try disagreeing with them and see what you get.

Unfortunately, it appears that all too many of those representing us are swayed by money, or dog-and-pony shows designed to get them on board, even when those providing the productions so persuasive (not to mention the checks) are either leftists, left-leaning, RINOs or certainly those who have something to gain from a legislator or councilor's support.

Look at their PDC's.  When someone claims to be a Republican but they're picking up big bucks from leftists like David Nierenberg, or money by leftists is being laundered for RINOs through PACS... like it is for McDaniel and Blom... perhaps it would be a great time to ask yourself "why?"

Why would a leftist support a RINO over a democrat candidate?

Why, for example, did the Young Democrats, as fringe-left an outfit as you can find, endorse my whack-job brother-in-law for county chair... while all the RINOs supported him over a conservative?

THINK.  Dig deep.  Ponder.  And ignore the letter after the name... given how worthless such a letter ultimately has turned out to be.

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