Monday, July 25, 2016

"Fencing" with the democrats

We all know how much the RINOs and the leftist/dems hate the Trump Wall on the southern border.

They hate the very idea of closing our borders to anyone who, given the chance to be here illegally and to vote illegally, those votes won't count for them.

Oddly, many of these people who don't give a rip about our security have fences of their own.

Mark Zuckerberg is spending millions on his fence around his house but opposes using a fence on our border.

And efforts are underway to strengthen the fence around the White House.

But this.... this is a sublime irony:  To keep the Sanders supporters away from the actual convention site, they've erected a 4 mile fence around the convention location.

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Image result for fence around democrat convention philadelphia 2016


Is it any wonder that Trump is crushing #HillBilly with independents?

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