Monday, July 25, 2016

Early buzz: Sanders will sell out tonite.

Millions of people supported Bernie Sanders.

Their foolishness in doing so aside, this has served as an incredibly painful lesson which will achieve absolute agony tonight.

My daughter and soon to be son-in-law were hard-core Sanders supporters.

I tried to warn them.  Months ago, I tried to explain to them that Sanders would sell out; that he had no chance; that the fix was in and it was going to be Hillary.

"That," I was told, "will be when the revolution begins."

And what, I asked, will that look like?  I told them, "...remember, it's all us right-wing whack jobs that have the guns and the bullets."

It has been a painful, scaring, political lesson for those who believe in someone.

It's not particularly age-specific.  I experienced that peculiar brand of agony with, perhaps, the politician I believed in the most here locally when Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers betrayed us, hanging a $700 million bill on the people of Clark County and then lying about it when she falsely claimed that had she voted "no" on the gas tax, we would have had to pay $7 BILLION.... having pledged to oppose any such gas tax or tab fee increases to get elected back in 2012.

So, lies and betrayal are not a latter-day item in the political realm.

I should have known better, of course, but hind-sight is 20-20.

Meanwhile, tonight, it appears that Mr. Sanders will complete his betrayal of these idealistic, typically first time-politically-active men and women when he rolls over for the corruption he had campaigned against for so very long.

Early buzz is that he'll sing like a canary, kissing Hillary's butt when, during his speech, he should condemn them all.

And if he had any integrity, he would.  But then, if Rivers had any integrity, SHE would have kept her word... Cruz, Kasich and Bush would have kept their word... and the DNC would have been scrupulously fair in their approach to the campaign.

But they were in the tank from the beginning.  And Sanders will sell out from all indications.

Feelin' the Bern.

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