Saturday, July 16, 2016

Call me whatever you like... but I'm out of sympathy for France.


France gets hit... again... by another terrorist attack.

Color me "not surprised."

I'm trying very, very hard to be sympathetic to France.

But they brought this own themselves... just like Obama is working very hard to bring it on us.

Around 130 were slaughtered in the Bataclan 7 months ago.  France remained an unarmed country occupied by millions of muslims who are the same threat they were a year ago, and they've done next to nothing about it... the very definition of a soft target.

I have only so much compassion.  And right now, it's more focused on the two Americans (that I know of) who were killed because the French government has refused to do what must be done.

Almost the entirety of France is a soft target.  And what happened there COULD have happened here, though likely not as successfully before one of the many armed Americans punched this clown's ticket.

France is now faced with making the same choices we, at some point, are going to have to make.

They now MUST contemplate doing the unpleasant things that must be done.  And by "unpleasant," I mean "unpleasant."

First, they must arm themselves.  They must arm, or allow to be armed... their civilian/veteran population of native-born citizens of non-muslim descent.

Second, they must remove at-risk populations from the country.  And by "at-risk," I mean, at a minimum, the removal of any non-native born muslim.

Failure to take those steps; starting with arming military veterans for example; will just continue to result in ISIS and their wannabes viewing France as a test tube for what they're soon going to be doing over here.

At some point, I was contemplating a return to Europe generally and a return to Germany specifically; a place I spent ten percent of my life in the Army.


I wouldn't be caught dead over there.

And until these people implement some version of our 2nd Amendment... something like the Swiss have, for example... going back is completely and utterly out of the question.


It's sad that it's come to this.  But these countries have brought it on themselves, much like the leftists are trying to make it happen here by flooding this country with illegals and bringing muslim infiltrators here with zero effective screening systems in place to separate out those who would... or could... or might... destroy us.  Think, for example, San Bernardino killers.

These are tough calls to make, but make them we must.

We must... as Europe must... declare war on muslim terrorists wherever they may be.  That means full mobilization.  That means ending this idiotic stupidity of shrinking the military in the middle of a war.

And while we may not be interested in war.... war is clearly interested in us.

Those reading this who may be thinking that such actions are "unconstitutional" first must view it through the lens of understanding that for the most part, Euro countries don't have a constitution that would prohibit these kinds of actions and second, that the Constitution of the United States has, during times of war, had certain areas that are subject to suspension during those wars.  Lincoln and Roosevelt utilized a suspension of the Writ of Habeous Corpus, for example.

Third, understand that the Constitution is many things: but it was never intended to be a death warrant for this country.

We are in the middle of the start of a long, bloody, war. How we got here isn't as important as much as how we finish it... before it finishes us.

Meanwhile, I have no more sympathy for France of any other country that doesn't declare war on terrorism so the western world can fully activate all of our resources against the threat, including putting boots on the ground and using massive military force; while failing to remove those elements of the population that represent ANY kind of a threat.

If those two things don't happen... we ARE going to regret it.

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