Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Politics is a discouraging business.

As I anticipated, this cycle is the filthiest I have ever known to date... at all levels, including local... with more, no doubt, to come.

The latest is that the local fringe-left and the RINOs are joining up to get their RINO candidates elected under the RINO banner, even though the whole thing is based on their hatred of conservatives and even though these scum already control the fringe-left county council... and would continue to do so in their effort to silence anyone to the right of Mao.

Among others are political mercenaries like Kathy McDonald, alleged Republican who would sell her own children if the price is right; one need go no farther than to see her efforts in sticking it to us with the Port Commission tax along with the CTran tax where tens of thousands of the rural voters were cut out of the voting block but not cut out of the tax-paying block.

Well these leftists be successful?  Will the conservatives be silenced?  Will the monied GOP types step up to counter this idiocy?

Well it stop with the council?  Will it extend to the legislature?  Will it matter if it does?

The reality here, when it comes to the council, is that it doesn't matter, really, who wins.

The Three Stooges will continue to control the operation no matter what.  A 3-2 vote is no different in outcomes than a 4-1 vote or a 5-0 vote: the results are the same.

I oppose them essentially because they're the Establishment. And I despise the Establishment at every level.

The scum behind the PAC effort are democrats and fake Republicans who foisted the bogus charter on us that was designed to do one thing and one thing only: divide us and conquer us.  And that it has done brilliantly.

My next primary goal in life is to get out of this shithole county so the scum running it can finish destroying it.

In the interim, I will never vote for any RINO candidate nor any candidate or elected official supporting a CCRINO candidate.

Nothing to it.

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