Sunday, June 12, 2016

In the shadow of the Orlando slaughter.


Now ISIS has slaughtered 50 of us… 50 or, likely, more…

The question is this: what is that clown in the White House going to do about it?

First, we must identify every avenue of what CAN be done.

And what CAN be done is a lot.

Once that list has been compiled, the next question has even more difficulty.

What do we have the will to do?

The first thing we do is to declare formal war on ISIS and fully commit to their destruction.  That means we must stop this insane drawdown of our military strength; we must activate Reserve and Guard units and we must do now what we should have done back when the Moron-in-Chief referred to ISIS as “the JV Team.”

And that means we put everything we have into the outright destruction of ISIS, its surrogates and its assets.

And if the Islamic world perceives this as an attack on islam, that’s simply too, damned, bad.

Next, we stop muslims from coming here.

Inviting more cancer growth into this country will just result in a sicker, weaker, increasingly more vulnerable country.  Japan doesn’t have these problems.  Guess why?

They don’t allow muslims to live there.

Simultaneously, we begin the process of shutting down mosques or any other muslim organization… while we deport all non-citizen muslims.

Fourth, we examine, thoroughly, all muslim-American citizens and deport any with any terrorist ties, stripping them of their citizenship.

Fifth, when terrorist ties are suspected, we must take an approach of guilty until proven innocent.

What is inarguable is this: doing what we are doing now is simply not working.  Continued reliance on current efforts and programs is the very definition of insanity, for such reliance will accomplish no more tomorrow than it did today and we will still be dying.

I know that many reading this will recoil in horror at the obvious violation of civil rights I advocate.

But the Constitution of the United States was never meant to be a death warrant.  It has been suspended before and this is one of those times where I advocate its salient portions be suspended again.

Many reading this will disagree.  That is their privilege.

But those of you who oppose my suggestions will only have credibility if you can come up with something else.

You see, that begs the issue: this is certainly not going to be the last attack from these scum.

This morning, we awoke to discover at least 50 of us had been slaughtered.

I am ALWAYS willing to listen to ideas.  But I have to hear them to listen to them.

What if the number had been, say, 5000?  Would that have been enough to get our government to act?

What if it had been some sort of backpack nuke and the number had been 500,000?

And why aren’t we doing now… what we would do then… in the event the casualty figures were, instead of 50, in the hundreds of thousands?

Does anyone doubt that if these scum had a nuclear capability, they would use it?

THEN what?

We must commit to total, World War 2-style war.  We must restart the draft, rebuild the military and begin the process of doing those things we SHOULD have done, literally, years ago… INCLUDING invasion of the regions were ISIS is located… things we failed to do because of the cowardice of the current occupant of the White House and the GOP acting like they are his sycophants in Congress. 

Additional attacks WILL happen.  How many more will it take before government acts?  Do we all understand that this is war?

How many more will have to die?

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