Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Democrats whining about Sanders supporters at the Nevada Dem Convention: sounds like irony.

Soon to be former US Senator Babs Boxer (D-CA) came unhinged over the conduct of Sanders supporters at the Nevada Democrat Convention this past Saturday:
Dems' new fear: Sanders revolt could upend Democratic convention 

CNN Digital Expansion DC Manu Raju
(CNN)Sen. Barbara Boxer, a veteran of Democratic politics, says she never saw anything quite like this before. 
Loud cursing, shouting, obscene gestures and vile insults, including crude comments about the female anatomy. It was all on display over the weekend as supporters of Bernie Sanders turned the Nevada State Democratic Convention into chaos. 
"I was not able to stop these people for doing what they did," Boxer, a Hillary Clinton supporter, told CNN. "Apparently they've done it before. .... This group of about 100 were very vocal, and I can't describe it -- disrespectful doesn't even explain it, it was worse than that."

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Boxer is hardly the lone Clinton supporter to experience such harassment on the campaign trail. Several top Democrats told CNN publicly and privately that the energy and enthusiasm of Sanders supporters has at times descended into incendiary attacks that threaten to tear apart efforts to unite Democrats against Donald Trump. Several female senators told CNN the attacks have been misogynistic.
Why would the woman would lie like this?  Well, that's anyone's guess.  She's never seen it before? Seriously?

You see, this sort of thing happens frequently.

Let a conservative, for example, speak on a college campus.

Or, in many instances, watch the protesting scum around a Donald Trump rally.

So when Babs lies about never having seen "anything quite like this before," remind her that her silence in the face of this sort of thing when aimed at the right side of the political spectrum made it perfectly acceptable for a huge segment of her side of the aisle to engage in this against those THEY perceive to be "the enemy."

The left had their chance to reign these clowns in when the right was the target.  And what did we get?

Cricket chirps.

Where were the demands from these fringe-leftist whack jobs for civility when those riots happened?

Will they be this upset when these same people or their surrogates show up in Cleveland for the GOP Convention?

Of course not.

Now the shoe is on the other foot.  And the monster which scum like Boxer helped to create... is now turning on it's former master.

Each and every time a leftist whines about what the Sanders crowd is doing... they should plant themselves in front of a mirror and ask themselves: what could WE... or *I*... have done to prevent this?

Plenty.  For example, they could have condemned this sort of thing when ANYONE did it against ANYONE.

But because it wasn't them... or their buddies?


And that's their "Inconvenient Truth."

I hope Sanders' people go nuts.  Perhaps it's time for the Tree of Liberty to be sprinkled with the blood of patriots.

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