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Boger of the CCRINOs breaks it down, provides the "do not vote for list."

I suppose the RINOs had to label the division they've caused somehow.

Brent Boger, who has been a major player in shattering local party unity and flaying this county with his hideous political choices, has laid most of it out with a FB post... self-serving pap, to be sure, but his use of the phrase "Madore Candidate" and "Non-Madore Candidate" is yet another example of that very divisiveness.

The obvious ploy here is the interchangeability of the hated "Madore" label and the "conservative" label because, clearly, in the local RINO world, one cannot BE an actual conservative and run for office WITHOUT the support of, and agreement of Madore.  Boger and his ilk believe, wrongfully as it turns out, that Madore is cancer in every square foot of this county.

Nonsense.  But labeling is an important part of the political realm.  As is mislabeling when the meme requires it.

For the rest of us, it boils down somewhat more traditionally and simply:

"Conservative" and "RINO."

Madore's support (or lack thereof) isn't even a data point in my consideration of a candidate.  If a candidate is conservative, I am likely to support them.  Boger's idea that Madore's support equates to some sort of reason to oppose a candidate is the same reason, then, when a leftist sends a check to a democrat like Boldt or a RINO like Rivers, they should ALSO be opposed.


Nope.  Of course not.  Situational ethics are the hallmark of the RINO.

Here's how Brent sees it:

17th District, State Rep Position 1:
Non-Madore Candidate: Jerry Oliver
Madore Candidate: Vicki Caldwell Kraft

17th District, State Rep Position 2:
Non-Madore Candidate: Paul Harris
Madore Candidate: Richard Colwell

18th District, State Rep Position Position 2:
Non-Madore Candidate: Shane Bowman
Madore Candidate: Liz Pike

49th District, State Rep Position 2:
Non-Madore Candidate: Carolyn Crain
Madore Candidate: Wade McLaren

County Council District 3:
Non-Madore Candidate: John Blom
Madore Candidate: David Madore

County Council District 4:
Non-Madore Candidate: Jennifer McDaniel
Madore Candidate: Eileen Qutub Quiring

Of some interest is his failure to describe 17th District Senate candidate Lynda Wilson.  Odd, that, but since she's of the RINO ilk, not terribly surprising.

Further, he failed to mention Gas Tax Rivers' or Brandon Vick's persuasion.  Vick is between the Rock and the Hard place.  He joined in opposing Rivers' gas tax and tab fee betrayal to the people of this district and this county.  Rivers on the other hand, has morphed into the very worst politics has to offer: the RINO special-interest stereotypical fake Republican.

Those who unfortunately escaped a GOP challenge are the aforementioned Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, Brandon "6 Committee" Vick and Lynda "Nowhere to be found" Wilson.

I will be doing what I can to make sure that none of the "Non-Madore" candidates (RINOs) or any of the 3 unchallenged GOP candidates.... particularly Gas Tax, win a damned thing.

Boger, of course, makes excuses for Gas Tax, refusing to admit the truth of the situation: campaign pledges are not negotiable, changeable or refutable by the candidate that uses them.

For if Boger's take is correct.... 
People in politics have the right to change their minds. When they do, it is not lying as some suggest. Who is to say that you were right in the past and wrong now? You know more now than you did in the past--unless you forget.
Then no campaign pledge or promise is worth the paper its printed on and nothing any candidate of any stripe says can be or should be believed.

Boger takes this position, of course, because he could hardly be able to support his buddies and friends who lie like they breathe were he to take the honorable route.

How could he support Rivers or his own creation, Scott Weber, if he were to hold them accountable for their actions, their pledges to do certain things as a condition of their election (Rivers to oppose the gas tax/tab fee increases; Weber to work to get rid of his position as an elected official if he were elected) if he were to hold them accountable?

As a RINO, it's easy for people to lie when the reason serves a purpose they like.

Likewise, as a RINO, when it's personal friends involved, its even easier to overlook their lies no matter how much the people get screwed... much like Rivers screwed us with a $700 million burden... without asking us.

As an attorney, RINOs never forget that words have true meaning... in the language of Justice Thomas in Carcieri v. Salazar:
When the language is "plain and unambiguous," the statute must be applied according to its terms.
These pledges amount to a political contract with the voters.  The terms were both plain and unambiguous:

From Rivers' former campaign web site:

 There are three lies from this excerpt of her campaign website:

1.  "I will not support an increase in the gas tax."

2.  "I will not support increases in tab fees."

3.  "The people have spoken and I have listened."

From Scott Weber's own words:

Quoted from Lew Water's Blog
Quite apparently, Weber really likes the idea of his 6 figure pay check since he's never made any discernible effort to implement his plan, making it nothing but an election year ploy.

I remember getting the call from Boger about Weber and the plan to have him run against Sherry Parker on the basis of eliminating that position as an elective office.

I remember telling Boger: "You know, that sounds like a GREAT idea... as long as he follows through on it after the election."

Well, here we are some half-million or more taxpayer dollars into Weber's pocket later.... and nothing.

The language used by both of these politicians is both plain and unambiguous.  Yet, Boger would have us all believe that those words are meaningless when uttered by anyone running for office as long as they use the excuse of "I didn't know then what I know now."

And what, exactly, did Rivers, who had been involved in local politics for the better part of a decade when she was elected to the House in 2010 and then elected to the Senate in 2012 suddenly "learn" that she didn't already "know?"

Except that any lie to get elected is perfectly OK, for example?

The many faces of Tim "The Liar" Leavitt.
Who can possibly forget this guy, and his fake opposition to tolls on the CRC that I warned everyone about months before he was elected mayor of the Vancouver Soviet?

What is the difference between the lies of Leavitt and the lies of Rivers and the lies of Weber?

Leavitt's lies only cost the taxpayers $200 million.  Rivers' lies will cost us 3.5 times that much and no one seems upset about that.

This type of reasoning is literally a blank check excuse for those we elect to ignore their word, given to the voter as a condition of that election in the first place.

Yet, if you're a RINO, none of those lies matter.  Past voting records are to be overlooked in the RINO world.  We are to suspend our disbelief in favor of supporting a "Friend of Brent."

From the "We hate conservatives, overlook Boldt's RINO record as commissioner" letter:
While we don’t individually endorse all of his votes during that very long period of his service, and some of them concern several of us, we value Boldt’s character, collegial temperament, ability to listen as well as to lead, and maturity in addressing different points of view. Furthermore, his perspective as a farmer, truck driver, and small-business leader is essential on our council.
In short, translated that garbage means "Hey, we know his voting record sucks, but we don't care that he voted like Steve Stewart had his hand up his back, we hate conservatives; he hasn't been one for a decade or more, so vote for Boldt anyway."  (This mischaracterization of Boldt notwithstanding; his tenure to date has been an utter and complete disaster.)

One need look no farther than Brent's hatred of David Madore and his subsequent support of a non-Republican leftist as county chair... and the tax increase that Brent now bears a portion of responsibility for that resulted...

Or the fact that those he would "pardon" for lying to us are his own personal friends... or in the case of Boldt, an opponent of a hated conservative...

Or that it's all too typical for RINO's to make excuses like this...

To see the motivation here.

It's the exact, same reason we have a RINO Senate at the state and federal level (GOP senators at the state level voting with the democrats killed the pervert bathroom bill, for example, not to mention ramming the $15 billion transportation/gas tax/tab fee scam down our throats without asking us... unlike the neo-communist government of the city of Portland, who just last week had a gas tax vote...) and the federal House level... (RINO Ryan has been a great Speaker, hasn't he?) doing Obama's bidding, our fake, cardboard cut out of a congresswoman notwithstanding.  

 If, in fact, Boger is right.... then anything any politician ever says or promises to get elected is worthless... a waste of time and ASCII.  We should just skip campaigns altogether, announce on one week... and hold the election the next since nothing any of them says or does means anything.

Except, apparently, to me.

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