Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The myth of the negative Trump "down ballot effect."

The leftist/Establishment/RINO types quickly remind us that when Trump wins the nomination, the down ballot impact will be a disaster.

I did a post here ripping a strip off the scum running in this state who condemned the man while they, too, had done much to be condemned for; not the least of which was State Senator Joe Fain (R- South King County) who went so far as to call Trump's common-sense  plan to stop muslim immigration until adequate background checks can be done, "fascist," while that moron Vance and that loser Bill Bryant said Trump "... wasn't fit to be president."

Yet, I was here in 2008 when Obama won Clark County... and 4200 people who voted for Obama turned around and voted Tom Mielke, hardly what you'd call a "moderate."

The RINO/Establishment types claim that Trump's candidacy puts the down-ticket races at risk.


If these same clowns, who have repeatedly declared Trump dead at various points throughout the campaign are now desperately reaching out to grab any straw floating by.

They'd sell their own mothers to keep Trump out... NOT because he'll lose to Clinton, the Crippled Witch of the East.... but because they can't control him and they realize they're likely to lose their cush jobs.

Those who share the RINO/Establishment view are scarce when it comes to WHERE this might impact.

Does anyone see this as a possibility here, locally?

Does anyone see any seats, with the exception, perhaps, of the 17th District Senate, changing party affiliation because Trump was the GOP nominee?

I don't.

But I also admit that I only anticipate voting for, perhaps, one Republican in this state for the rest of my life as it is, since they're as corrupt and worthless as the democrats... maybe, in fact, even more so... because out-democrating the democrats isn't supposed to be a party platform plank.

But that decision was made long before even the concept of a Trump candidacy took root.

It does amaze me how long the list of RINOs has become and how little I respect them or would even consider voting for them:

Crain, Wilson, Kimsey, Weber, McDaniel, Bowman, Blom, Harris, Vick, Rivers, Stewart, Olson/Green, Boldt... none of them should be in office... and none of them will ever have my vote.

As for me, I'm more than willing to risk a Trump candidacy.  After all, what's the worst that can happen?

The biggest gas tax increase in our state''s history?

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