Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My Trump update: emotions in the professional political realm.

Consulting is a tough business in an emotional political world.

Except, as professionals, consultants (of which I used to be one) are not supposed to allow their personal emotions to guide their judgment.

Some readers at this point might point out that my strident opposition to liars and RINOs, such as Marc Boldt, Ann Rivers, Scott Weber, Greg Kimsey, John Blom, Lynda Wilson, Shane Bowman and Jennifer McDaniel appears to be driven by emotions.

I disagree.

Emotional judgments are not quantifiable.

That is, those who use emotions to form their judgments in the political realm are subject to manipulation by candidates and campaigns to get that emotional buy-in because that devotion transcends reasoning.

I have certain political criteria.

My golden, cardinal rule of politics is that if you lie to get elected, to get your tax passed, to get your project built, or to achieve any aim where the people are foolish enough to trust you, then you shouldn't BE elected, your tax should NOT pass and your project should not BE built.

Those I oppose have a history I can point to of lying by commission or omission.  Their involvement in the political realm is a stain on government.

If you're running for office and you're too much of a coward to respond to my questions as a prospective constituent, then you are in the wrong business.

If you claim a party allegiance but your campaign is ran by someone from some other area on the political spectrum, like a lying leftist scumbag such as Jim Mains running the campaigns of Blom and McDaniel and others claiming to be Republican then there's an excellent chance that you're a RINO and a liar by definition.

I don't want those who lie, scheme, manipulate and count on our alleged stupidity as voters anywhere in my government.

And that brings us to the presidential primaries.

I have ultimately determined that I am supporting Trump.

Others in the political realm hate the very idea of a Trump candidacy, because, well, doing the same thing.... over and over again... is certainly going to get us a different outcome.

We have, perhaps, the weakest field of candidates on both sides of the spectrum, we've ever had.

We keep looking for another Reagan.  They keep looking for another Lenin.

I prefer Reagan over Lenin, but I swear to God I will vote for whoever the democrat candidate is if the RNC screws us out of a Trump candidacy.

You see, many in the political realm would sell their mothers... merely to get the win.

But when you shill for a RINO... or an Establishment lackey.... what, exactly, have you won?

Local RINOs showed their true colors when they coalesced around a clueless, leftist moron for county chair, abandoning the GOP that THEY want to control, because of their hatred of conservatives.

Well, they are entitled to hate conservatives.  We, in turn, are entitled to hate them in return.

And I do.  Because their political perfidy last November has already led to a 2% property tax increase as a part of the 3 Stooge agenda where, once again, the PEOPLE are ignored in favor of the special interests who own these scum like the 13th Amendment was never ratified.

And now, we have the opportunity to send a badly needed message at the national level to the high level scum that are of the variety infesting us here at the local level.

Trump cannot be controlled.  And that's what the establishment hates the most.

From my perspective, that's what *I* like the best.

I don't agree with everything he's said or how he's said it.

With the help of the GOP, we have started to fall off the cliff.  And no Establishment type (And that means either of the two wannabes) can pull us back.

Some in the political realm are convinced that Trump can't beat Hillary.  My thought is that they would refuse to support Trump even if the current numbers, which I find irrelevant, head-to-head with the two leftist idiots running for the D's... showed him beating her.

But I keep reviewing the campaign.

And how many times did many of these same people claim that Trump was over?  How many times had they pronounced him dead?

And yet, he's the leading GOP candidate.

The Establishment's guys have blown hundreds of millions.  And they've been clobbered.

Trump's spent lunch money, relatively speaking, and has beat them all like a rented, red-headed step child.

See, here's the thing: each and every one of these candidates have had the same chance.

They all developed a message, such as it was.... and their messaging failed.  They did not inspire. Their vision was bleak and non-responsive.  They failed to gain traction because they didn't want to talk about the things the PEOPLE wanted to talk about.

Trump determined the seething anger of the base... discerned the issues and causes... and systematically identified and addressed them all.

He came out over the top, drawing simple word pictures that everyone could understand and which most have supported; everything that sets us off has been made into a part of his meme.

And he projects like he believes it.

The other guys were frequently as sincere as a used car salesman.  Cruz has shown himself to be the kind of political scum I despise, enamored of the type of dirty tricks politics that causes nausea. Kasich is going to be the footnote in this election, winning a single state out of the 40 or so he's been entered into (his own) And here's the thing with Trump: he should be the GOP nominee.

He might lose in the general. (But I never lose sight of the Samsonite baggage company Hillary is carrying around that makes picking her off look like low-hanging fruit...) but I would rather have someone who represents most of what I see as important to this country today, fight it out and lose... then see any of the others win.

That is a personal preference.  It's the result of a political philosophy that has stood the test of time with me.... that honesty is the best policy.

I have stated many times that I will never vote for the settle-for candidate again.

Because the utterly worthless GOP-controlled congress has proven that labels are meaningless.  And as a people, we should learn from that.

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