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Keeping the Trump victories last night in perspective and the Establishment losing their minds.

I occasionally remind people that the Pavlovian political response to candidates here in Washington State, of supporting a candidate, only to see that guy (or woman) vaporize, and then moving on to the next candidate, only to see them enter the political Twilight Zone as well, only to move onto the next... and so forth... is a non-starter for me.

This cycle, I have refused to support any candidate.


Because here in the great state of Washington, we have no say.

Like many of the young and politically naive, my youngest (22) is enchanted by Bernie Sanders.

That's a purely emotional response for the most part: the reality is she no more knows his positions in depth, nor has she studied the consequences of his polices, any more than she can levitate.

Like many on the left, she forwarded another video attack against Trump last night, her sense of outrage having been properly pricked, apparently, by what was on the video, which I did not watch... because, well, it would make no difference.

And I told her as much:
Kj Hinton    Kj Hinton You do understand we have zero say in any of this, right?
I was taken to task by another poster who, not understanding my perspective, wrote this:
Bryan GoldmanBryan Goldman Yeah, because years of keeping our head in the sand has the world moving swiftly in the right direction...?

Your pessimistic comment has some truth to it, but it's merely opinion based. Recent history in other countries begs to differ. Revolution can take many different shapes and sizes..
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To which I replied:
Kj HintonKj Hinton It's not opinion and it's not conspiracy theory. It's the calendar.

We will not have a primary here in Washington State until next May.


This will be long decided before May. Hillary will be the democrat nominee, since she's scammed all the super-delegates. Sanders will get crushed tonite for the most part like he did in South Carolina, more or less. I mean, who's got the huge lead both votes and in the delegate count... including super delegates?

Trump will likely be the GOP nominee if current trends continue.

Thus, our vote in the primary, where the nominees will have long since been decided...



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And that's the thing, you see.

I'm not going to exorcised over a candidate/nominee when I have no say over that candidate/nominee.

What's the point?  Why set myself up for emotional turmoil if my candidate loses... since my vote won't matter?

And now, what I see, are people... and the Establishment... losing their fricking minds over Trump.

I saw this once before in the run up to a presidential election in 1980: the guy's name was Reagan.

It's kinda like watching "The Revenant" after having seen "Man in the Wilderness," which was the basis for this version.

No, I'm not comparing the two men.  But I CAN compare the two campaigns against those men.

They bear more similarities than differences.

The Establishment wants their guy... a guy they can control.

I have zero faith in the Establishment, after all, look at what they've done since the people have given them control of Congress...


So, when you see stories about how the Establishment or their candidates are scheming to find ways to deny a candidate a nomination... be aware of their guiding principles: this isn't about whether the candidate would be worth a damn if he wins: this is about the perception that if the wrong guy wins, they won't be able to control him.

Now, the Establishment is lining up behind Rubio.  Yet, Rubio, even today, is running commercials where the claim is made that he, Rubio, "beat the Establishment."

Odd, that.

Cruz, on the other hand, seems to have a "dislike" factor going for him.  The Sessions endorsement of Trump hurt him... because it begs the question: if no other Senator will support Cruz...

Trump is a total lose cannon.  He promises the moon plus $2 to the base.  But can he deliver?

I would love to see the dead wood clogging the GOP flow get flushed away.  And frankly, I don't care how that happens.  And that dead wood finds themselves in a precarious position if Trump wins this... their best efforts notwithstanding.

So, they act.  Not out of any altruistic basis... not for the good of the country.  Oh, no.  Since when has that variety of politics existed?

No, they are acting on what's known as their own "enlightened self-interests."  Their actions are in no way driven by what's best for us: instead, they're driven by what's best for them.

And their clumsy, moronic PUBLIC efforts show that Reince Priebus, Republican National Committee Chair, shouldn't be allowed to run an elevator, let alone a national political party if THIS is the best he can do.

I saw early on what was likely to happen if the GOP didn't recognize the "danger" by an insurgent candidate with an insurgent campaign.  But they were so fat, dumb and stupid that they refused to believe it.

I wonder if they believe it now?

The national Establishment is something of a wide spectrum view of the insanity the local Establishment is engaging in around here as they go about attempting to regain control over the party apparatus. Challenging conservative incumbents, betraying constituents, ignoring their duty to their districts... fearful of being called a "pansy."

Oddly, the local party seems to be in that pre-sting paralysis stage of the tarantula wasp crawling around the spider's abdomen and the spider knows it and where they see danger, but are apparently content to allow it to run it's course... since they have failed to act against these same people doing their best to throw them out.

And when you're talking about a tarantula wasp. the outcome is rarely good for the tarantula.

I find the out-of-power Establishment's death throes, if that's what they are, to be rather entertaining myself.  Time, of course, will tell.

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