Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Why am I doing this? A brief primer on the motivation.

I sat here banging away at my keyboard Sunday and blowing off the Super Bowl and their cop-hating Beyonce' half time act, and a tweet comes to mind, sent to me last night:

I have no real clue who this guy is, save for one of the interminable reality show types out there...

It was sent to me as an example of where, I personally am at.  It was a description of my location in the overall scheme of things. I occasionally have the "why do you fight these people" discussion with many, including my wife. This tweet comes in handy as an explanation for that.

That is why, when I discover the lies and the corruption, I will out those engaging in that kind of thing... brother-in-law or no... close family friend or no.

My bride is concerned about me... the impacts of the efforts by my former "friends" to destroy me, the threats... the slander... the libel.

But if I don't fight this battle... then who?  Who else will do this?  Who knows what I know and who will try and hold these people accountable?

Using my relationship with Ann Rivers, which exceeds a decade, as an example.

We were close family friends.  There was very little off limits... I sat in on Senate leadership phone conferences and the like... I worked hard on family issues... spent 100's of hours on political issues... had a job assignment from her:

"Keep me grounded.  If I ever get out of line, let me know and keep letting me know until I get back INTO line."

Or words to that effect.

And then, this past session happened.  And with it, my job was forgotten.

I have no idea what, exactly.  But something... happened.

Here's the thing, you see: I know what I know.

Knowing what I know, there's two things I can do with that knowledge: I can be a Phil Johnson, Mayor of Battle Ground... or a Brent Boger, Washougal City Councilman... and just keep my mouth shut, because, after all, the way Rivers screwed us on the gas tax gig?

Well, according to Johnson in his oh, so arrogant and snarky meme, "That's how business is done and I'm surprised you don't know that."

Boss Hogg would be proud.  Because longevity of dishonesty gives it tenure, so to speak, in the minds of politicians.

And, I could have just closed a blind eye to that kind of corruption, The type where Rivers is over-reporting her fund raising by a paltry $180,000 or so, because Rivers was a "friend."

Kind of what Brent Boger does.

They work their way backwards from whatever their motivation may be to some sort of position that allows them to accept this kind of corruption that so despoils democracy as ideally practiced in this country today: in Johnson's case, the desire of getting more state-funded goodies from "Battle Ground's friend" Ann Rivers... Integrity be damned... or in Boger's case, his desire to be somebody.

So, Option One: keep my mouth shut.

Option Two: Remember that evil triumphs and all that.

I found myself in a quandary: which option should I take?

I prefer Option Two.

Unfortunately, I also know which option so many elected officials and elected-official wannabes around here have and are taking on this base dishonesty.

Several, including my "esteemed" brother-in-law, have tried to get me fired because of what I write.

Somehow, I guess that makes them think that my living under a threat will, well, cause me to ratchet it back or something.

Fat chance.

Character assassination is the primary meme in the political realm.  Sen. Rivers USED to say that she will not tear someone else's house down to make her's look bigger.

USED to.


Not so much.

The situation now?

The casual observer of PDC's, for example, would not know that Rivers has allowed a totally, massively fake number to show for her funds raised... FOR A YEAR... a number roughly $180,000 higher than it should be.

But *I* know it.  And so does Rivers.  But because it benefits her politically to make people believe she actually HAS that much money, she's let that lie represent her in public for the last 12 months.

That number is STILL there as of a few minutes ago... ($255,0856.17... of which she may actually have around $75,000) and she knows that the number has been wrong... for the past year... and has done nothing about it.

Why?  It's bad enough she lied about the gas tax and tab fees to get elected.  Why lie about this for a year?

For those looking, a quarter million dollars appears a hell of a lot more impressive than $70,000 or $80,000... and it serves as a useful tool to keep competition away.

So, do I keep my mouth shut about that lie?  Or do I act... and then bring it to the attention of the people who should know?

Rivers, of course, also pledged to oppose the gas tax and tab fee increases she voted for this past session.  In so doing, she hung a $1600 gas tax/tab fee bill on every man, woman and child living in Clark County.

Her vote was NOT needed for this scam to pass.  Her vote was NOT needed to get Battle Ground their goodies: after all, neither Vick nor Pike voted for this travesty and they still got their graft.

I'm assured by some in elective office that this doesn't matter.



SHOULDN'T it "matter?"

It does to me... why doesn't it matter to them?

Why, for example, has the democratian kept their mouth shut over the PDC scam?

It's not like they don't know about it, but it IS like they want to protect their RINO buddy and I'm sure, when they endorse her again (after all, Lefty Lou has still got more "Just for Men" hair color to dump on for her...) they won't mention any of this.

The answer is obvious: their reeking double standard explains it all.

If it were Madore's PDC's with this deliberate scam going on, they'd be beating him like a gong.

Rivers, who has broken the law on this AND lied by allowing it to continue AND lied to get elected... should be forced to resign.  But what are chances the RINO GOP Senate has a testicle between them to force her to do that?

Less than none.

So, there you have it.  No one gives a damn about the lies, the deceit and the corruption... except me. It's how business is done, I'm told.

Well, maybe it is.  But when she runs for reelection, I am damned sure going to make it my business to get the world to see and know what's really going on here.

SOMEBODY has to do it.  I did it for years on the left... beating the hell out of their dishonesty and hatred.  The idea that I would not hold the right just as accountable when I can prove it?

I don't think so.

Look around you.  Our country is an utter mess.  And I believe it's a mess because those we elect frequently lie to us and frequently fail to keep their promises to those who elect them.

It starts at the very top, where I have simply stopped listening to the President because, sadly, it turns out that most of what he says is not remotely true.

But that provides zero cover for those we know... those we have directly elected... to assume office and then forget all about what they said to get there.

That's why I do this.  Years of lies, exaggerations and falsehood from both sides of the aisle.

And somebody has to say something about it.  And that someone seems to be me.

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