Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Democrats have a problem.



*TRUMP 34% KASICH 16% CRUZ 11%


Well, it's become kind of clear that Hillary ain't gonna cut it.

Sanders, unfortunately for the left, has something less than zero chance of winning in November. He's far too vulnerable to reality checks to ever hope to go to the White House as anything but a visitor.

So, if you're the democrats, what do you do?

Well, I have no insider information.  But if you're the democrat establishment, which is just as cancerous as the RINO establishment, you are not going to let this happen.

How, then, can they "fix" this?

Any number of ways come to mind.

Think back to the days of Spiro Agnew, who was forced to resign the Vice Presidency shortly before Nixon resigned... so they could get their own guy, Ford in, to take over.  (Agnew resigned in October 73; Nixon on August 9, 1974)

This is how I believe the left will handle Sanders... otherwise, they're likely to spend a fortune and have nothing to show for it.

A health problem.  A stroke.  Something mysterious and magical.  They can make a convention do anything they want it to do.

Of course, if there's a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, the GOP will find it... so I'm not altogether convinced it matters who the left runs.

Meanwhile, don't be surprised if "something" happens to keep Sanders out and have someone else parachute in.

And then, Bloomberg is likely licking his chops over the possibilities of running as an independent; after all, he's got billions laying around and he hasn't done all that well with his gun-grabber group. He's certainly got the ego to support it.

Meanwhile, establishment political heads are exploding tonight.

Where's my popcorn?

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