Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Why is it OK for Rivers to channel Obama?

Man, I've been hearing it.

I am challenging Rivers on her lie to get elected... and RINOs from everywhere are coming after me as a result.  One of them, Brent Boger, even felt compelled to VIDEO me (I guess... I haven't seen it) because I had the temerity to share my perspective on her betrayal to her directly in a public setting.

That, apparently, is the cardinal sin.

That Rivers lied on her gas tax/tab fee pledge is pretty straight forward.  She voted for the largest gas tax increase in this state's history, failed to even try to attach a referendum clause and, of course, supported the emergency clause designed specifically to keep us from having any say on this rip off even if we made an effort to put it on the ballot.

So, here's the thing:

Obama has lied a lot.  I mean... a lot.  is it OK for him to lie to get what he wants?

Remember "...if you like your plan, you can keep your plan?"

Remember "... if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor?"

Remember "... if this is implemented, each family of four will save $2500 per year in medical insurance premiums?"


Tell me....

What's the difference?

Yeah, yeah... I know.  The Subjects are different.

But the means are the same.... it's just the mode that is different.

The GOP, in theory, at least, despises Obamacare.  The president lied repeatedly to get it passed.  And he did, without a single GOP vote.

Rivers promised to oppose the gas tax and tab fee increases, claiming that the people have spoken and she has listened, to get elected.

Tell me: what's the difference?

Families are being hurt by Obamacare because of the massive INCREASES in health care premiums. Why, Obamacare is such a great idea you have to be forced into it by law... and millions are STILL uninsured.

Rivers made a deal with the people of the 18th District.  She put it in writing... a contract, as it were.

And when crunch time came, what did she do?

Well, she didn't keep her word.  After all, apparently, she didn't want to be a "pansy."

Obama lied to get his program through.

Rivers lied to get elected.

And *I*, so many tell us, am "wrong."

Just as a brief aside, has anyone else noted that the vast majority of the Rivers ilk were Boldt supporters in the last election?

Pure coincidence... I'm sure.

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