Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The legislature is in session; Moeller is using it to begin his campaign... what are they going to do about refugees?

As Jimmy Moeller begins playing the Ride of the Valkyries to denote the end of his horrific stain of a political career by attempting some bizarre, unconstitutional gun-control crap as he gets his name out there for Lieutenant Governor and using controversial, worthless, fringe-left, going nowhere legislation to make that happen... a reason to increase the power and numbers of weapons available for the law-abiding public looms ever-larger on our horizon.

So, at the Rivers town hall meeting, there were a group of clueless ignorants who first, want to take our guns and second, believe that every refugee is as pure as the driven snow.

Rivers, of course, put on a good show about the 2nd Amendment.  The problem, of course, is one I've already outlined: specifically, how can we believe anything she says when it comes to getting what she wants?

But the very first questioner of the entire meeting brought up the issue of refugees from the disaster and insanity and incompetence of Obama's Middle Eastern debacle being foisted upon an unsuspecting public by these leftists as they strive to increase democrat voter-rolls: by breaking the law to get illegal aliens and others they have beholden to them to vote for them out of sheer gratitude... lack of checked citizenship notwithstanding.

The leftists in attendance poo-pooed the issue, claiming that, somehow or another, the moment these refugees cross our borders, they become Mother Teresa's and Father Edward “There's no such thing as bad boys. There is only bad environment, bad training, bad example, bad thinking. - Boys Town" Flannigan's examples of precisely what they were talking about.

But to believe that is to fail to believe the news reports out of Europe... where muslims play "rape games" ("taharrush") with the non-muslim women and girls of that country, mobs of hundreds this past New Years in Germany and before that in Sweden, where the police and the government have been hiding their inability to control these people.

All of which begs the question: what is our legislature going to do to protect us?  What are they going to do to protect even if zero refugees are dumped on us?  Why is so much of their focus on restricting the rights of the law abiding while ignoring those who break the law?

Where's the bill for the increased imprisonment for any criminal violation involving a gun?

I advocate for execution, myself.  Use a gun in a crime... any crime... whether you shoot it or not... and boom: you're done.

But I'd settle for something less... I'd settle for even a life sentence to get those off the streets who cause the left to think that clamping down on those of us who follow the law instead of going after their own,  natural criminal constituency will somehow fix the problem of criminals... who won't give a damn about their latest effort to restrict our rights... with guns.

Meanwhile,  we face the continuing specter of a legislature who wouldn't even listen to us... or allow us a say... on this damned gas tax and tab fee.  Yet somehow, we expect them to give a damn about any of this?

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