Monday, January 25, 2016

Trump lead expands in Iowa. Who's responsible for this guy, anyway?

It was neck and neck between Trump and Cruz.  Iowa GOP Senator Chuck Grassley just attended a Trump rally.  The Iowa state GOP Chair has been positive about him.  GOP Gov. Terry Branstad, governor of Iowa for 21 of the last 23 years, told people not to vote for Cruz.  Over the past few days, it looks like the shift towards Trump shows some inevitability... since what was neck and neck is now Trump +11.

It looks like it's starting to happen.

I have been indicating all along that if the GOP didn't stop running away from Trump's issues... instead, co-opting many of them... that a Trump victory is inevitable on the GOP side.

I haven't picked anyone, yet.  After all, what good would it do to pick someone out of the pack when the decision as to who the nominee will be is made weeks before our own primary? 

But like the man or loath him, his finger is much more firmly on the pulse of GOP base discord than about anyone else.

This man is a product of an Establishment within the GOP who believes that trying to be all things to all people is the path to victory.  They campaign out of fear.  Their problem is summed up by looking at the GOP-controlled Congress's inactivity in the face of multiple promises to act against Obama policies... and the horrific Ryan budget that funded everything Obama wanted, including illegal aliens, refugees, Obamacare, Planned Parenthood and a variety of other disliked to hated programs.

Establishment perfidy is the thing.  So when those who govern as if the democrats were still in the majority look around and make the attempt to define what is and what isn't a conservative, all they do is inflame the situation even further.  You see, the best way they COULD have done that would have been to govern as if they weren't named, say, Ryan... or Herrera.... or Rivers.  THEN, what they had to say on the subject would be much more palatable among the base... the worker bees like me who put in thousands of hours in getting people elected... frequently to see them act as if they forget any promise they make to get the job when it conflicts with their agenda.

It's at all levels... even the state level.  Did we, for example, give the GOP control of the senate so they could ram a gas ax down our throats to the tune of roughly $1600 for each man, woman and child in the county?  Without asking?

I would vote for just about any GOP candidate running against an incumbent who would condemn such action... as long as they kept their word when crunch time arrived.

Trump is a symptom of the Establishment disease.  And the GOP has no one to blame but themselves.

Stop whining and deal with it.

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