Thursday, January 14, 2016

Today's quiz question: what does a "divided party" mean and how do you fix it?

So, part of the concern s I've been hearing as a result of holding Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers accountable for her gas tax/tab fee vote is concern that it might "divide the party."

I have no such concern.

And neither does she.

Not that she's told me that: but her recruitment and the subsequent announcement of the equally "screw the will of the people" former mayor and current city councilman of Battle Ground, Shane Bowman, as her revenge against Rep. Liz Pike for Pike having the temerity to publicly oppose her betrayal of this district and this county pretty much shows she's only interested in throwing her political weight around.

Thus, I have no concern that hammering Rivers and Bowman for her lies to get elected and her false claims that "The people have spoken and she has listened" will cause any more damage than that she's already attempting to inflict.

The GOP is fractured at all levels already, with RINOs possessed of multiple noses bent out of shape because they have no say.

But you see, their very public abandonment of the GOP in the last election; their rabid support of a man clearly turned democrat in his positions and actions, regardless of whatever party he may claim this week and their long-simmering desire to roll back everything done by the conservative majority has shattered the diversity of the party as they handed control of county government over to the leftists and C3G2 haters infesting us... all of that shows they don't give a damn about the GOP if it doesn't reflect THEIR view of what it should be.  Much like, come to think of it, your typical C3G2 hater, as far as that goes.

We are already paying higher property taxes thanks to their efforts, with greater taxes and fees to come as democrat Boldt and his two RINO winged monkeys work together to punish the people of this county for being smart enough to throw him out of office back in 2012.

Will my incessant effort to inform and remind the people that Gas Tax Rivers and her political hit-man, Bowman, are attempting to do to double-down on their betrayal of Rep. Liz Pike... and their betrayal of those of us ignorant enough to have believed Rivers in the past... result in anything worse?

Hardly.  I'm beholden to no one.  So, I have the freedom to call them out for what they are: the very worst politics has to offer.

And part of the problem here is that even after all those years of working together and busting my ass to get her elected... I didn't see it.  Even *I* believed her.  Even *I* believed IN her.

I ignored those who tried to warn me.  I DEFENDED her from those who tried to tell me.

Silly me.

Until she sold us all out this past session, nailing us with a $700 million bill, most of which going to King County for multiple boondoggles up there..

No.  I don't give a damn if the GOP in this district is "shattered" further, because the worst that might happen is that Rivers loses.

And based on her lack of integrity and her total intransigence on her pledge to the people of this county, used in part to get her elected?  What's the worst that could happen... a democrat might win?

Wow.  That would be terrible.  It's not unlike Stewart and Olson/Green would not have been missed had they lost: the outcome of their votes are no different than the outcomes would be if Pridemore and Green were sitting in those chairs.

Because the state senate has voted in many cases like leftists, they stand as Exhibit One of how democrat control over the senate would make little to no difference in the outcomes.

Like GOP control over the US Senate, we have damned little to show for it and a lot more to show against it.

And how do you fix it?

You don't.  You call them out for the world to see and let the people decide.  That's what I did against my brother-in-law Boldt and although 61% of this county voted against him, he's running the show.

I will be spending the next several months calling Rivers out and holding her accountable for every action she's taken that goes against the will of the people... like that $700 million bill she slapped us with...  But I know if I'm silent, with the complete lack of integrity most allegedly Republican politicians show around here, she'd win in a walk.  But since I can prove she's not exactly Saint Ann.... well, maybe not.

Won't know unless I try.

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