Friday, January 15, 2016

Soooooooo.... how long until we face the CRC Scam again?

Look, people, I was born on a Saturday... but not LAST Saturday.

We barely survived the Boldt Crew's last effort to screw us sideways on the CRC rip off, where, like typical democrats, they not only ignored the people of this county on the surface, but did so as a matter of POLICY.

Even when it became clear that we were being screwed in every imaginable way without benefit of either clergy or lubricant, NONE of the scum shilling this crap to us ever peeled off of it... including the daily democrat newsletter.... and most, like Identity Vancouver and the Chamber of Horrors along with the fringe-leftist whack jobs representing the 49th District, had been not only lying their collective asses off about this scam, since loot rail is the only reason... the ONLY reason... to replace the perfectly functional and paid for I-5 Bridge.

Well, as I've been warning for quite some time now, efforts are underway once again to crank up the condoms and stick it to us again.

The CRC/Loot Rail scam never went away; it only morphed into a coma... waiting to be resurrected when the RINOs regained control of government and would then proceed to screw us sideways as they always do.

Well, the first two weeks of RINO control has already resulted in the tax increase I warned would happen when they took over... but then, we know why: Jeanne Stewart represents the Vancouver Soviet on the county council and believes she can keep that job if she'll only become further to the left than Stalin.

Her well-developed hatred of conservatives dovetails nicely with her desire to remain in office... particularly when combined with the idiocy of the charter scam that results in the entirety of the county having no say on who governs us but instead, requires that the county be split into 4 political islands that do not require a common vision or plan, since the Stewarts on the council simply don't give a damn what the people of the adjoining district think or want... because they no longer have to answer to them.

Olson/Green has met my expectation of being the ultimate RINO, supported by those who abandoned their friends and colleagues (Ahem, Wilson) and has voted interchangeably with the guy she beat... no difference of any kind.

And Boldt?  Well, Boldt's on his anti-Madore jihad and is setting about to undo everything the conservatives on the commission accomplished in his welcomed... and yearned for by 61% of the voters of this county... absence.

Rep. Sharon Wylie from the Vancouver Soviet is attempting to implement a "bi-state commission" to resurrect this pig, this embarrassment and example of a government that not only ignored us, but did so based on policy set forth in their operating instructions.

The leftist/RINOs will dredge up every one of the lies they did before; the demands of the people of this county will be ignored... and this time, the RINO State Senate, led by Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, will give them exactly what they want.

Precisely like she... and they... did on the gas tax/tab fee scam.

The only questions are "when" and "how much" are they going to rape us for?

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