Saturday, January 16, 2016

So, what the hell is going on around here politically, anyway?

As one of my sources sent me a tidbit: that RINO nutjob Carolyn Crain, who epitomizes militant RINOism and a total lack of integrity, is going full potato by actually lying about the 18th District (a pro-gas tax lap dog for Rivers in an anti-tax legislative district is the only way "we" (as if she'll ever win an election) can keep the seat) the question occurred to me:

What the hell is going on here?

Politics is typically cyclical, within certain limits.

Before the local democrat collapse brought about by their insistence on ignoring the people on the horrific CRC scam, they had held sway pretty much for several decades.

That led to a certain level of political arrogance on their part, and, of course, Someone wrote a book that included the phrase "pride goeth before a fall."


RINO's also supported the insanity of the CRC scam; local RINO-in-chief, Greg Kimsey, was listed as among the CRC scam's supporters on the CRC web site for example.  And his hatred of conservatives is legendary, given his efforts to trash the conservative majority of the county commission and charter campaign piece, otherwise known as a voter pamphlet that the local GOP continues to fail to hold him accountable for... and subsequently, the RINOs also lost political control of the local GOP.

With Boldt's defeat in 2012, a golden opportunity was handed to local conservatives to actually govern.

And they blew it.

RINO hatred of conservatives grew... and festered... and they made the determination that the only way they can reassert control over the party apparatus is to shatter it... and pick up the pieces.

That's not the only element of this, of course.  Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' lies to get elected on opposing gas tax increases, her subsequent Mussolini-style politics of punishing those who disagree with her positions and her rather bizarre take on "integrity," which led her to start her "revenge of the RINO" tour by punishing Rep. Liz Pike for publicly opposing her gas tax scam... recruiting another pro-tax and spender, Shane Bowman, to run against a GOP seat mate... all of that plays in to the hatred-of-conservatives meme while simultaneously weakening the GOP region-wide by damaging the brand.

"Why vote GOP?  They jack our taxes, refuse to let us vote on increases, and do all they can to keep us silent at the polls.  What's the difference between the liars of the left and the liars on the right?"


What makes it all problematic is that I can't see any.  And as a former Executive Director of the State GOP, if I can't see any difference.... then perhaps it's because there isn't one.

Meanwhile, closet RINOs like Julie Olson, Lynda Wilson, Ann Rivers and that ilk, claim to be and act like they were at least somewhat conservative, but their actions speak to something different.

Their conservative hatred is proven by how they act out.  They are directly responsible for our recent tax increases and the roll back of years of conservative progress made around here, to the cheers of their fellow leftists and the C3G2 haters.

So, in a nutshell, this is what I think is going on:

The RINOs of the Boger ilk have aligned with the leftists of the Lyin' Jimmy Mains ilk.

Each sees the other as a way to reassert their control over local government.  Thus, 61% of the voters of this county voted against my mental brother-in-law, and yet he's still running the council.

But then, as Linda Smith pointed out, Marc isn't exactly "quick" and that makes him into the complete tool who can be completely manipulated that he, in fact, is.

In the upcoming election cycle, the local GOP can expect the scumbag who runs they daily democrat to provide additional millions of dollars worth of in-kind contribution to the CRC supporting RINO's as he continues to hammer anyone to the right of Mao.

We can expect the RINO defection to the left to grow even stronger as they're feeling their oats over the Pyrrhic victory of loading up the county council with tax and spenders bent on growing government.

Boldt, obviously, has long since blown past that "servant-leader" shtick that he fronted to get elected in the past.  Now it's "leader-dictator" instead as his biblical principles (The man told me, more than once, that God put him into office, for example) have long since been trashed and forgotten.

And that's the corruptive influence of politics.

Sooner or later, the weak-willed, low-integrity political creatures all cave.  Right, Sen. Rivers?

Meanwhile, as this cycle gears up, the question boils down to this: who is best organized?

Organization, per se' is what allowed the RINOs to be thrown out of GOP control.

But organization and Jeanne Stewart's local political treason is what enabled the RINOs to take over control of the county council.

Who is better organized?  The new RINO/leftist alliance?

Or the local GOP?

The failure of the local GOP to act against those who acted against them and who continue to do so is not promising.  The longer these people are allowed to hang around, the more damage they can inflict.

And they will.

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