Friday, January 22, 2016

So... is it going to be Trump?

Since it became clear that Trump was serious this go-round and he's taken off in the polls, I have been banging the drum that pounds the GOP.

I have been saying... repeatedly... that the only hope for the Establishment was to peel off their politically correct crap and begin the process of "smurfing" Trump by co-opting many of his positions... the positions that enunciate the anger and frustration of an increasingly restive base that is entirely sick of the Establishments inaction, political cowardice and political expedience, most recently illustrated by the horrific Ryan Budget and most recently endorsed by the horrific Senate concurrence, courtesy of the RINO-in-Chief, Mitch McConnell.

It hasn't happened.

But then, we knew it wouldn't.  Not really.

Cowardice is endemic in the GOP.  While the RINOs were running for the US Senate, we were expected to hold our collective noses and vote for them anyway.

We were repeatedly assured that once the GOP controlled Congress, why, things would start happening.

I doubted it at the time... and, of course, I was right.

Thirteen months of GOP Control has cost the taxpayers additional hundreds of billions of dollars in debt and increasing amounts of money wasted on Obamacare while our foreign policy has become the joke of the ages.

Because of GOP inaction, the NEW excuse of RINOs generally became, well, we can't do anything until the GOP takes the president's office.

I have no confidence that it will happen, because if ever there has been a group of incompetent clowns running an organization, it's the morons running the GOP.

This is, I believe, the GOP's last chance to win.


2012 proved beyond any doubt that the GOP couldn't even beat a clueless moron like Obama.  Thus, I have no confidence in their ability to defeat any of the simple idiots running on the left this time, either, as the democrats end the worst 8-year span of democrat governance in American history... even worse than the disaster that was Jimmy Carter, a feat I didn't believe to be possible.

Few times in politics has any political group had such a history of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

So now, knowing of the fury of a betrayed GOP base who listened to the RINOs urging them to hold their nose and vote these cowards in... all we have to show for it is the stench.

Which brings us back to Trump.

I believe he's going to be the nominee.

This is not because I support or oppose the man.  But when you're in the business of signs... the signs point to that outcome... as I believed they would absent the one thing that could have derailed him politically: the strong assumption of his saleable positions.

For far too long, the GOP has operated out of fear.  Fear of being not liked.  Fear of name calling.  Fear of mud wrestling.

The result?

The morons running the show would rather win with a weakling that can't lead his way out of a bag of marshmallows than win with a guy who could actually make a difference... no matter what his name might be.

How many times have we heard about the GOP's internal efforts on this issue?  Not the effort to fight for conservative principles and values... oh, no.

But the fight to find a way to derail the candidates most likely to win... the candidates outside the establishment.

The GOP fears Trump because he's is absolutely uncontrollable.  He's got his own money.  And as a result, it's not a matter of "here's the money, strings attached."  Oh, no.

Instead, he whips out his own checkbook, from which he's spent practically nothing, and then proceeds to play the media like a violin.

 The GOP is fearful of "offending" anyone.  Well, I'm fearful that they DON'T.

I get it, believe me.  I know how much *I* am hated around here, because I violate the cardinal rule that *I* am not allowed to object to the things that anger me... and, instead, am required to just sit here and keep my mouth shut.  When "friends" violate their integrity and their campaign pledges, *I* am SUPPOSED to remain silent and just keep supporting them.

When my own brother-in-law becomes a leftist tool, easily manipulated into doing the bidding of the special interests who own him like the 13th Amendment doesn't exist?  When he votes like he and Steve Stuart were separated at birth?  Why, I have to keep my mouth shut.

Otherwise, people like Boldt and Boger and Rivers and Stuart start making phone calls.

And that's a risk I'll run.

Meanwhile, at all levels, the result is that the entire GOP lives in fear that SOMEONE will be offended by a position they take.  Someone will call them names.  Sen. Rivers, in fact, indicated that had she kept her promise to the voters of the 18th District and actually kept her word to oppose the gas tax and tab fee increases.... why.... why... she'd be nothing more than a "pansy."

Imagine that.

Keeping your word... telling the truth... makes you a "pansy?"  (Folks, that's the language SHE used.... not me.)

Well, I've been "offending" people for years as I call them out for what they're doing to us... and for what they promised NOT to do to us... only to forget all about their promises and pledges and soaring phrases when the time came.

That they are typically NOT called out is why, in fact, they do it: because they have convinced themselves that past inaction on the part of those betrayed means they can lie all they want about anything they want and do it for FREE... without FEAR of being held accountable.

I, for one, am sick of it.  Millions of us are sick of it.

And if you look at the polling, of the 11 major candidates remaining in the GOP primary campaign, the "outsiders" (Trump, Cruz, Carson and Fiorina) total 64.8% on the Real Clear Politics average.  Of that, Trump is at 34.8 nationally, +11 in today's CNN/ORC Poll in Iowa, and +20 in the latest New Hampshire poll.

For the most part, these numbers have been stable for quite some time as others bump up against him, only to fall.

Meanwhile, it's "next man up" as efforts... dramatically unsuccessful to date... continue to try to tear Trump down.

And they will likely continue to BE unsuccessful because Trump was first to tap into the seething anger of an abused-by-the-Establishment base that has had it up to here on taxes, on the deficti, on Obamacare, on illegal aliens, on a train wreck of a foreign policy and of a military torn to shreds by the multiple abysmal failures of Obama's social programs masquerading as force multipliers... while the rest of the world laughs at us generally, and the Russians and Chinese particularly.

I believe it will be Trump.  Of course, I stand by my observation that if there is a way to lose this thing, the GOP will find it.

So... who knows?  But something pretty major is going to have to happen for him to fall any time soon.

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